International career fair encourages networking

first_imgThe International Career Night is about networking for careers abroad, Holly Rivers, assistant director of the Kellogg Institute, said. The career fair, which focused on jobs in Africa, Asia and Latin America, occurred Monday night at the Hesburgh Center for International Studies from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. This year’s fair is the first the Institute has held in several years. “Shannon Coyne and Stephanie Mulhern are two seniors in the Kellogg Institute programs, and a few months ago they basically came to me and asked if we could do this fair again this year,” Rivers said. “They sat down with me and decided the topics of speeches. If they hadn’t asked me, we wouldn’t be doing it.” This year the fair focused more on introducing students to types of jobs and introducing them to people in international business rather than actually attempting to place them in job positions. “We aren’t giving students jobs,” she said. “What we are doing is providing students with people and speakers who have experience and will talk about it to give students guidance in choosing international careers.” Rivers said the aim of the event is to provide networking opportunities. “The goal is for students to make contacts that they will then follow up with and continue the conversation. They shouldn’t be done after this evening,” Rivers said. International careers can be in the United States or actually abroad. Many of the students and faculty at the event had their own ideas of what made a career international. “Any career in which your decisions and your actions either directly or indirectly influence people in other countries is what I think is an international career,” senior John Villecco said. “I guess you could say that when you’re actively aware of the implications of your actions on other countries and change your thoughts based on it, that’s an international career.” Students said the fair was a great experience and guiding tool for their endeavors. “I’ve spent a significant amount of time abroad, and I’m just fascinated by other cultures,” junior Hilary Kelly said. “I’ve gotten a lot of tips on how to network and find contacts, and lots of info on what to do and how to prepare.” Rivers said the fair gave students the opportunity to see what skill sets are needed in international careers. “The Kellogg Center created the event to give student the opportunity to see how international careers can help them use languages, academic skills and experience in a career setting,” Rivers said.last_img read more

A challenge: speak for all voices

first_imgAs we look for words with which to characterize the student government administration of Alex Coccia and Nancy Joyce, the word “activism” comes to mind. So do the words “inclusion,” “conversation” and “justice.” These words represent the substance of this administration’s leadership: They are working to empower the community to combat issues that divide it. Coccia and Joyce set the bar high during their campaign and first months in office at the end of last school year, and they have made progress on much of their original agenda.  In Coccia’s May 1 State of the Student Union address to student-body leaders, he outlined an ambitious array of goals, and we at The Observer have seen movement on nearly all of them. His Nov. 20 State of the Student Union address demonstrated similar success and a continuing drive to move forward on issues of utmost importance to our campus.  More importantly, these efforts have occupied a very visible space on our campus. Planning town-hall events, orchestrating prayer services, executing events and fostering dialogue between students and community stakeholders – we see their work, we see their progress on issues big and small and we commend them for that effort. If one person within our community feels hurt by exclusion or discrimination, that alone should drive us. And according to information in the report submitted by Coccia and Joyce to the Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees, 7 percent of students said they have not had an overall satisfactory experience here at Notre Dame.  In this report, submitted on behalf of the student body, Coccia and Joyce highlighted several issues on which they called for action: racial and ethnic diversity, sexual orientation and gender issues, socioeconomic status and immigration.   We highlighted three specific issues in this Insider because we believe work in these areas has been at the heart of the Coccia-Joyce administration. And these issues are important to address so that all feel welcome and comfortable in the Notre Dame community.  While these issues are of the utmost importance and we are proud to see Coccia and Joyce make progress on them, these issues do not encompass everything and everyone at Notre Dame. When The Observer spoke with Coccia about the foci of his administration, he said they work to empower students so that they “feel welcome on campus and have a sense of ownership for their academic, residential, spiritual and extracurricular environments.”  “Nancy and I were elected with the expectation, among students and administrators, that we would use the opportunity to not just make convenient changes and additions to student life, but to raise the student voice in areas that are too often neglected – the issues of sexual assault and racial and ethnic inclusion fit into the latter category. … We really do believe in our classmates and our friends and in their ability to be a positive force for good in the world.” Here is where we perceive a problem. Who defines what good the world needs, what justice is? If we return to the four buzzwords at the beginning of this editorial, only “conversation” has a precise meaning. Inclusion, activism, justice – who gets to define these abstract ideas?  To our student body president and vice president, we repeat our commendation for all of your hard work and for your focus in making sure every student feels safe and welcomed on campus. However, we challenge you to consider that some of the issues you elevate in your work might not represent many of our 8,452 undergraduates, especially those who disagree with your prioritization and approach to these issues and those who don’t know exactly where they stand.   We believe the primary duty of a student government administration is to represent all of the student body: left, right, center and off the ideological map. And though the progress made by this student government administration on certain issues is remarkable, it neglects students who have different views on what “good” is, what “justice” is.  The conversation should not be defined by The Observer Editorial Board, by the student government administration or by only the student groups that mobilize their participants effectively. Instead, we believe our student-body government should represent all of the student body, even those members who do not exercise a loud voice. Though the Coccia-Joyce administration said they are working to solicit opinions and engage students, we do not see this communication represented in their formulation of broad-scale initiatives. We give the leaders of this administration a grade of “A” because their work truly has been outstanding, but we also challenge them to think about ways in which their approach has been limited so that we can continue to work toward a better campus community.last_img read more

Center for Social Concerns hosts service fair

first_imgThe Center for Social Concerns (CSC) hosted a fair Wednesday night to connect students with over 30 South Bend service organizations and student-led volunteer groups. The fair allows students to find ways to interact with the South Bend community, Annie Cahill Kelly, director of community partnerships and service learning for the Center for Social Concerns, said.“The Social Concerns fair is an opportunity for students to meet directly with community partners … to become more engaged in the local community through service, through community based learning [and] through research,” Cahill Kelly said.Cahill Kelly said the fair ties into the Walk the Walk Week theme of service and allows students to integrate it into their everyday lives. “On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, on the actual day itself, people are encouraged to engage in service,” Cahill Kelly said. “But what’s nice about this — certainly following Dr. King’s message and the University mission — this is an opportunity to become involved for the entire semester and hopefully beyond for all the years the students are here.”Sophomore Montana Crowell said she attended the fair to help her continue to volunteer after working at a homeless shelter during winter break.“I worked at a homeless shelter over winter break so I really wanted to get more involved in service and that kind of stuff and just helping out really in any way I can,” Crowell said. “So I figured might as well stop by, see what’s going on.”Ethan Johnston, also a sophomore, said his past volunteer experiences made him decide to attend the fair.“I worked with refugees this past summer and didn’t do anything at all last semester so I figured it was about time to get started doing something,” Johnston said.Nicole Waddick, a sophomore, said she attended the fair to find an opportunity to improve her Spanish skills.“I’m trying to work on my Spanish, and so I’m kind of looking for a way I can get involved with a volunteer opportunity where I can work on my Spanish, so I can kind of get the best of both worlds I guess,” Waddick said.Freshman Falon Cole said she attended the fair in order to learn more about the issues facing the South Bend community.“I was interested, I guess, in getting to know the problems of this area,” Cole said. “I only live 45 minutes away, but I wanted to know what I could do to help in any setting and I think that service is very important. I really appreciate that Notre Dame hosts this kind of thing.”Jan Marable, director of the Family Resource Center at the Salvation Army Kroc Center, said they are looking for volunteers throughout the entire year.“We have Fit Kids 360, which is an athletic program, a reading program, so a tutoring reading program, Mission Literacy, coaches and other seasonal volunteer opportunities, Christmas and Thanksgiving, that kind of deal so we’re looking for all year-round volunteers and we’re pretty flexible,” Marable said.“You can volunteer one day a week or you can volunteer five days a week, it’s totally up to you, regarding your availability,” Marable said. Dayna Bounprasay, Case Management Advocate at the Family Justice Center, said students assist staff in finding new technology to help survivors of domestic abuse.“Students … provide immense support to our staff in our daily roles, doing research, updating us on new and improved tools for survivors,” Bounprasay said. “I would say one of my biggest things is newer and more up-to-date apps for safety and security, like updating us on technology and that’s great.”Cahill Kelly said all of the service organizations partnered with the CSC serve a role in educating students in a unique set of skills.“I consider all of the community partners as co-educators of our students whether they’re in a community-based learning course, whether they’re there just on their own to learn more about an organization or a particular issue and be involved over the course of a semester, a year, four years, whatever, it might be,” Cahill-Kelly said.“They are tremendous educators of our students and really bring a whole different skill set and just kind of wisdom, life experience to our students in really tremendous ways so it’s really a privilege to work with them and connect with them and to do the work I do.”Tags: CSC, service, social concerns, Spanishlast_img read more

Coal Industry’s Difficulties Prove a Windfall for Lawyers and Financial Types

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Taylor Kuykendall for SNL:The prolonged decline in global coal prices has sent a number of major producers into bankruptcy, costing equity investors, lenders and suppliers billions. But for those firms overseeing producers’ reorganization efforts, the fallout has proven lucrative. According to S&P Capital IQ data, the six largest coal company bankruptcies since 2012 have spent at least $117.0 million for legal and financial advice on their reorganizations. That total does not account for the rest of the full list of about 50 coal company bankruptcies filed since 2012.The $117.0 million figure, by comparison, is larger than the market capitalization of coal miner Rhino Resource Partners LP and approaching the approximately $135 million market cap of Westmoreland Coal Co.Once considered a rising star in the U.S. coal industry, Illinois Basin producer Foresight Energy LP’s entire market value is less than two and a half times higher than the amount spent in those bankruptcies. Foresight may have come close to a bankruptcy filing itself recently, even filing a going concern notice during prolonged and frequently delayed negotiations with bondholders.Alpha Natural Resources Inc. appears to be the most expensive bankruptcy so far. The company has reported $28.4 million in bankruptcy adviser fees. Coming in at a very close second is Walter Energy Inc., also reporting bankruptcy professional fees of that magnitude.Peabody Energy Corp., reports it has already been billed for $27.5 million in bankruptcy advisory fees though it has just begun the bankruptcy process.Arch Coal Inc. has reportedly been billed $18.5 million in bankruptcy advisory fees. Patriot Coal Corp. reported it was billed $3.3 million in adviser fees for its first bankruptcy in 2012, only to be forced to spend another $10.9 million on a second bankruptcy just a few months later.Full article ($): Top coal bankruptcies spawn $117M market for financial, legal advisers Coal Industry’s Difficulties Prove a Windfall for Lawyers and Financial Typeslast_img read more

Brazil’s National Force to Ensure Safety during Olympic Games

first_imgThe site is adjacent to the Olympic Park in Barra da Tijuca, which is home to most of the sports venues. However, the force “will also serve in the Deodoro arenas and the areas around the Maracanã Stadium and Copacabana,” Secretary Miki said. “We are bringing our experience from the other major events, but we do not have an Olympic experience. Therefore, we are updating our procedures based on the experiences of countries that have hosted the Games and other major sporting events recently. In addition to the World Cup, which was held here and where we served, we had representatives in London, at the Pan American Games in Toronto, and I myself went to the World Championships in Athletics in China.” “We will not handle security on the streets, but inside the premises,” Secretary Miki stated, adding that all the equipment purchased will be part of the country’s Olympic legacy. “The entryway metal detectors, for example, will be provided to prisons after the end of the event. The precision weapons and personal protective equipment, such as shields, helmets, and vests, will be turned over to the National Force itself.” Security officials are making the final adjustments through Olympic test events, the first of which was held in February for a diving competition. On April 16th-24th, the National Force will participate in a gymnastics test event. Finally, on May 17th-21st, the National Force will arrive for the Paralympic track and field test event and will remain in the city until the end of the Games. All of its officers will stay at the Vila Carioca, a new development built through the “Minha Casa, Minha Vida” (“My Home, My Life”) program, which funds affordable public housing. The development is being provided by the federal government to host National Force members during Rio 2016. Authorities will turn the facility over to the public after the Olympics, which will take place from August 5th through August 21st. The National Force’s work is integrated with other agencies. The Federal Highway Police, for example, is responsible for the safety of the athletes and delegations during transportation from one site to another. The Military Police, Civil Police, Fire Department, and the Armed Forces, among others, also have assignments. Final adjustments Brazil’s National Public Security Force, which is made up of more than 15,000 of the best police officers and firefighters from every state, was established in 2004 as a security measure for the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro. During the 2016 Olympic Games, the National Force will be responsible for public safety inside the Games’ venues. Since the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio, the National Force has been deployed for several major events, such as the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012, World Youth Day in 2013, the Confederations Cup in 2013, and the World Cup in 2014. “We have been growing as we go,” National Public Security Secretary Regina Miki De Luca explained. “We are going into the Olympics with standard operating procedures. We already know automatically what to do.” Currently, the National Force is conducting 43 operations in 15 states. It handles everything from providing reinforcements to the Federal Police in border areas to protecting populations on indigenous lands, as well as supporting homicide investigations and the occupation of conflict areas, such as Morro Santo Amaro, in Catete, in Rio de Janeiro’s South Zone. About 6,000 of the officers assigned to those operations will continue to conduct their daily activities during the Games, while the other 9,613 will provide security for the event. The comments are very important given the dynamics of the new times. We should all collaborate to fight these scourges that are flogging our society By Dialogo March 24, 2016 With 9,613 of its men and women in action during the event, this special force will handle the protection of athletes and officials, as well as the audience members in attendance, coordinating everything from security checks at the gates, on-site inspections, the safety of the medals, and providing first responders and bomb squads. In the event of a terrorist threat, for example, the first response will come from the National Force, but if a terrorist attack occurs, authorities will deploy the Army and the Federal Police. Security forces cooperatelast_img read more

Parents react to school reopening news

first_img“I think there are so many unknowns, and a lot of the decision-making I feel is premature,” she said. “I’m really concerned about the type of learning that can take place in an in-person environment with all of these restrictions.” Adam Flint is the parent of two girls in the Vestal Central School District, and called the return to schools a “nerve-wracking situation,” but said he and his family have decided to send their daughters back to school this fall. Stephanie Malmberg is also working from home, but chose to have her son, who is entering 8th grade at West Middle School, go to school remotely as a safety precaution.  The district says they are exploring outdoor class options, but sees multiple variables that could impact an outdoor learning environment. Flint says each family has its own decision to make, and that the decision to let his daughters back to school was one he was able to make because of his flexibility to work from home. As for Flint, he wants to have conversations with district officials, teachers and staff about how he can help, and believes those conversations can lead to a more being done to keep people safe. 12 News reached out to Vestal Central School District for a comment on Flint’s recommendations. She said the decision isn’t just for her son, but for the health and safety of teachers and staff members at the school. “We’re taking that calculated risk to send our daughters,” Flint said. “I would not come out and say it’s safe. It may be okay. We’ll see.” Flint also added another idea: outdoor classes. ‘You can have tents, you can have the same sort of heaters restaurants have on patios, you can have fans,” Flint explained. “[Parents] want to help. We obviously have a very strong self-interest in doing that,” he said. “Just asking questions and having them answered is different than having a conversation.” (WBNG) – After Governor Andrew Cuomo announced schools across New York could reopen in the fall, parents are now reacting to the news, and trying to make the best decision for their own family.last_img read more

Police arrest customary leader in Central Kalimantan over land dispute

first_imgThe Central Kalimantan Police reportedly arrested the customary leader of the Laman Kinipan community, Effendi Buhing, on Wednesday in relation to a years-long land dispute between the indigenous group and palm oil company PT Sawit Mandiri Lestari (SML).The National Committee on Agrarian Reform (KNPA) said in a statement that at least six of the community members had been criminalized by the company and the police so far, including Effendi.“Today we witness again the criminalization of a Laman Kinipan public figure who has been struggling to defend and protect his customary land from eviction,” the KNPA said Wednesday, adding that tensions had escalated recently prior to the arrest.The community members had also experienced intimidation from the company, who made use of the security personnel to “end the indigenous community’s fight over their land”, the committee went on.The Laman Kinipan community was expelled from their land in Lamandau regency in 2018 as SML claimed to have obtained permits to manage around 19,000 hectares of the land.Read also: Indigenous peoples see Jokowi’s omnibus bill as threat to their landThe first permit, No. 1/I/PKH/PNBN/2015, was issued by the Environment and Forestry Ministry in March 2015, while the second was issued by the National Land Agency in 2017 under registry number 82/HGU/KEM-ATR/BPN/2017.The KNPA said the permit issuance was “legally flawed” because the process had neglected the consent of the Laman Kinipan community who had lived in and managed the land for generations. The KNPA had further urged the government to stop the plunder and criminalization of the indigenous people.The Central Kalimantan police separately claimed that Effendi was found to be the mastermind behind a violent theft inside the SML plantation area in June.Effendi, the police said, had ordered four other members of the community named Riswan, Teki, Embang and Semar to take a chainsaw from workers at the plantation by force.“Riswan, Teki, Embang and Semar said during questioning that Efendi Buhing had masterminded the robbery,” the police spokesperson said, claiming that all procedures of the arrest had been properly conducted.Topics :last_img read more

Dani Ceballos drops Arsenal exit hint after Chelsea draw

first_imgCeballos has not featured for Arsenal since November (Getty Images)‘I’ll miss those goals with the left foot bro!’ Ceballos wrote. ‘You deserve all the good that happens to you.’But despite his lack of playing time since recovering from his injury, Mikel Arteta has insisted that Ceballos is part of his plans for the remainder of the campaign.‘Dani had an injury where he was out for almost two months and had to go to Madrid for his rehab,’ Arteta said earlier this month.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City‘He came back and in the first few weeks, I didn’t think that he was physically at the level to compete for starting games.‘It’s true that I have players in that position who have been performing really well, and last week when I believed that he was ready to step in, I decided to pick another player.‘But he’s been training good, I’m happy with him and I know him really well, so there’s no issues there.’More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal Dani Ceballos looks set to leave Arsenal at the end of the season (TGS Photo/REX)Dani Ceballos has hinted that he won’t be extending his stay at Arsenal following their 2-2 draw with Chelsea on Tuesday evening.The Gunners came from behind on two occasions at Stamford Bridge to rescue a point as Gabriel Martinelli and Hector Bellerin cancelled out goals from Jorginho and Cesar Azpilicueta.Ceballos, meanwhile, was left on the bench once again and is still yet to make an appearance since recovering from a hamstring injury which has kept him sidelined since November.The midfielder is currently on a season-long loan from Real Madrid but it appears his move will not be made permanent.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTIn a reply to Bellerin’s Instagram post after the match against Chelsea, Ceballos suggested that he will not remain at Arsenal after the season has finished. Dani Ceballos drops Arsenal exit hint after Chelsea draw Advertisement Advertisement Comment Metro Sport ReporterWednesday 22 Jan 2020 9:29 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link2.5kShareslast_img read more

Why Mesut Ozil is not in Arsenal’s squad for FA Cup clash with Sheffield United

first_imgMikel Arteta has named Lacazette as his captain for the match at Bramall Lane and the Frenchman is joined in attack by Nicolas Pepe and Bukayo Saka. Why Mesut Ozil is not in Arsenal’s squad for FA Cup clash with Sheffield United Metro Sport ReporterSunday 28 Jun 2020 12:28 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link2.5kShares Advertisement Guendouzi is not in the Gunners’ squad (Picture: Getty)Guendouzi’s future has been the subject of much speculation following his altercation with Neal Maupay at Brighton earlier this month and the French midfielder misses out altogether this afternoon. AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTOzil also plays no part due to a minor back injury which kept him out of training on Saturday. 🗞 Update on @MesutOzil1088 Mesut missed training yesterday due to a slight back injury, so he is not in today’s matchday squad.#EmiratesFACup— Arsenal (@Arsenal) June 28, 2020 Advertisement Comment Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil plays no part against Sheffield United (Picture: Getty)Mesut Ozil has not been included in Arsenal’s squad for their FA Cup quarter-final clash with Sheffield United due to a slight back injury.The Gunners have made five changes from the team that beat Southampton 2-0 on Thursday evening, with David Luiz back in the side and Joe Willock and Alexandre Lacazette both handed starts.Ainsley Maitland-Niles has come in for Hector Bellerin at right-back, while Kieran Tierney returns following his cramp problem which saw him substituted at St Mary’s in midweek. Chris Wilder has made three changes to his side for this afternoon’s FA Cup quarter-final against Arsenal. ‘Keeper Dean Henderson returns in goal, while John Egan & Oli McBurnie also return to the side.#SUFC 🔴— Sheffield United (@SheffieldUnited) June 28, 2020Follow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more stories like this, check our sport page.MORE: Arsenal must take a gamble and back Mikel Arteta in the transfer market, says Ray ParlourMORE: Chelsea handed Ben Chilwell boost as Ajax confirm Arsenal transfer target can go 🚨 Five changes from Southampton➡️ Maitland-Niles, David Luiz, Willock, Kolasinac, Lacazette⬅️ Bellerin, Holding, Ceballos, Aubameyang, Nketiah#EmiratesFACup— Arsenal (@Arsenal) June 28, 2020Asked about his decision to start Luiz for the first time since his sending off at Manchester City, Arteta told BT Sport: ‘He’s been training really well.‘He’s able to play again and he has his opportunity again.’Sheffield United, meanwhile, have made three changes to the side that lost to Manchester United on Wednesday evening, with Dean Henderson returning between the sticks and John Egan and Oli McBurnie back in the team.last_img read more

Governor Wolf Orders Flags At Half-Staff To Honor Victims Of Chattanooga Shooting

first_img July 21, 2015 Flag Order,  National Issues,  Press Release Harrisburg, PA – In accordance with the President’s flag order issued today, Governor Wolf has ordered all U.S. and Pennsylvania flags at the Capitol Complex and at Commonwealth facilities throughout the state lowered to half-staff effective immediately.  This is a mark of respect for the victims in the shooting at the recruiting station in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Flags shall remain at half-staff until sunset on July 25th per the President’s order.“The people of Pennsylvania stand with the victims, their friends and families, and all Tennesseans after the senseless act of violence in Chattanooga last week,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “By lowering the flags today, we honor the heroes’ lives that were lost in brave service to this country.” SHARE Email Facebook Twittercenter_img Governor Wolf Orders Flags At Half-Staff To Honor Victims Of Chattanooga Shootinglast_img