Vermont Company Announces Partnership

first_imgComputer Connection, a division of Datamann, Inc., located in Vermont, and Epoch Software Solutions, located in New Jersey, have announced their partnership for the sale and support of CounterPoint software.CounterPoint is a retail management and point of sale software manufactured by Radiant Systems in Memphis, Tennessee, and is only available through authorized business partners.Computer Connection will maintain its status as an authorized CounterPoint Business Partner, meeting the requirements set by Radiant Systems. Epoch Software Solutions will continue its business in the Mid-Atlantic region, while using Computer Connection for additional resources and as its bridge to Radiant Systems. Together, the two companies will pursue retail customers in the east coast and Mid-Atlantic regions, as well as nationally.Bill Mann, General Manager at Datamann, Inc, feels this partnership will give both companies the extended resources necessary to continue growing the retail customer base while preserving the attentive and personalized customer service they are known for.Datamann acquired its Computer Connection division in 2006 to strengthen its multichannel integration. Established in 1975, Datamann provides catalog mail order software, marketing databases, and a variety of list processing services.last_img read more

Memorable Moments

first_img Jess Dadio Craig Snodgrass Will Harlan Lauren Walker Jedd Ferris Blake Demaso Katie Hartwell center_img Martha Evans Nick Noe Leah Woody Melissa Gessler Dusty Allison The faces behind the scenes of the magazine offer up their most memorable moments from their time with B.R.O.,CRAIG SNODGRASSIT DirectorProbably some of the “Big Ideas” I was tasked with over the years when our associate publisher was in his Zuckerburg phase: Trailbase. Myecologic. Basecamp. All were colossal failures in terms of return on investment, but those failures have led to innovation in other projects. There’s also that time I sent out 20,000+ blank emails to our subscriber list when setting up new e-news software. Our publisher thought that was “hilarious”. He did not think it was hilarious.BLAKE DEMASOPresidentThe festivals that we have attended as an office. Over the years, I think we have been to almost every festival in the Southeast. Some of the most memorable weekends have been at Trail Days, The Festy, Floyd Fest, and Bonnaroo.WILL HARLANEditor in ChiefPaddling the New with the BRO crew. A slippery photo shoot at Turtleback Falls with Elvis and a water snake. Naked snow angels. A phone call from the FBI. Working with our freelancers— who pour their hearts into every story and photo.MELISSA GESSLERBusiness ManagerThere’s not one shining moment but a collage of memories. When I think of BRO, I think of remarkably talented people who still fuel the fires of their inner children.MARTHA EVANSAccount ExecutiveOur BRO 24 Hours of Pisgah team. Dancing across the finish line and tye-dyeing t-shirts at the Reggae 5K. Staying up all night and cheering folks on at the Run For Africa Trail Relay.LAUREN WALKERSenior DesignerFreezing my buns off in a not-quite- warm-enough Virginia swimming hole for the August 2012 cover shoot.NICK NOEAccount ExecutiveThere aren’t many offices that end a day of company meetings with a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity. Avery Shook Megan Jordan AVERY SHOOKCirculation ManagerThe Festy was pretty awesome. I could hear all the sets from the BRO tent. The phrase, “working hard or hardly working” crossed my mind more than a couple times.MEGAN JORDANArt DirectorThat time we had a successful, glitch-free video conference call with the entire staff.DUSTY ALLISONAccount ExecutiveAny BRO party or event I have ever been involved with that has taken place at Mono Loco in Charlottesville. I always hear that I have a fantastic time.KATIE HARTWELLAccount ExecutiveI love reading about Jess’s adventures on the road and watching her videos from Live Outside and Play. As a single working mom, it’s a vicarious thrill.LEAH WOODYPublisherOne of the first Live Outside and Play meet-ups was in Southern WV. We joined a group of about 10 eager hikers of all ages and spent a day on the trail above the New River Gorge. It was so wonderful to meet readers from around the region who were excited to hike somewhere new, and to meet one of our writers.JEDD FERRISSenior EditorOne of my first assignments was a lengthy feature called Ferris’ Week Off. For seven straight days, I traveled to different spots around the region, pursuing a different adventure (including hang gliding!). It was an unforgettable introduction to the amazing outdoor opportunities in the Blue Ridge.JESS DADDIOTravel EditorPutting a coyote statue under Blake’s desk and watching his surprise unfold live as we streamed it from a hidden GoPro…ahh, office pranks.last_img read more

US Charges Maduro with Drug Trafficking, Offers $15 Million Reward for Information Leading to His Capture

first_imgBy Dialogo April 01, 2020 The United States announced a $15 million reward for information leading to the arrest of Nicolás Maduro on drug-trafficking charges, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on March 26.Pompeo announced the reward as the Justice Department unveiled charges against Maduro, indicting him and top members of his regime for “narco-terrorism.”“The Venezuelan people deserve a transparent, responsible, representative government that serves the needs of the people — and that does not betray the trust of the people by condoning or employing public officials that engage in illicit narcotics trafficking,” Pompeo said in a statement.Attorney General Bill Barr said Maduro was a narco-terrorist and the leader of a cocaine trafficking group called The Cartel of the Suns that involved senior politicians and members of the Venezuelan military and judiciary, including the country’s chief justice.(Dept. of Justice)Other charges include money laundering, weapons trafficking, corruption and a slew of other criminal charges. Barr said the regime — in conjunction with the Colombian narcotrafficking group the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC, in Spanish) — has shipped out 200 to 250 tons of cocaine under the protection of the Venezuelan government.Federal authorities say this illicit operation began in the mid-2000s as a means to help the Colombian rebel group, considered to be a terrorist organization by the United States, while the regime enriched themselves with cocaine-tainted bribes.“For more than 20 years, Maduro and a number of high-ranking colleagues allegedly conspired with the FARC, causing tons of cocaine to enter and devastate American communities,” Barr said. “Today’s announcement is focused on rooting out the extensive corruption within the regime — a system constructed and controlled to enrich those at the highest levels of power.”Other members indicted include Diosdado Cabello, head of Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly; Vladimir Padrino, the country’s Defense minister; Hugo Armando Carvajal, the former military intelligence head; and Maikel Moreno, chief justice of Venezuela’s Supreme Court. A $10 million reward has been offered for the arrest of Cabello.In 2019, Colombian officials alleged that the Maduro regime was also involved with the Colombian leftist guerrilla group National Liberation Army (ELN, in Spanish). U.S. officials have also said that Venezuela is harboring and working with the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah.Maduro’s indictment marks the second time that the U.S. government has brought criminal charges against a foreign head of state. The last time was in 1989, when federal prosecutors indicted Panamanian President Manuel Noriega on drug-trafficking charges. U.S. military forces seized him later that year.The U.S. and a host of other countries and international bodies have recognized Juan Guaidó, the president of Venezuela’s National Assembly, as the country’s legitimate leader.last_img read more

Trump lawyers admit key part of Pennsylvania case is bull***t, judges get increasingly frustrated

first_img– Advertisement – Michigan Judge Cynthia Stephens nearly lost it when Republican lawyers presented a sworn affidavit that swore to pretty much nothing. “What I have, at best, is a hearsay affidavit,” said Stephens. “If there is something in that affidavit that would indicate that the [witness] observed activity that would be a depravation of the rights of poll watchers, I want you to please focus my attention on that. … ‘I heard somebody else say something.’ Tell me why that’s not hearsay. Come on now.” Which is pretty much the response a federal judge in Pennsylvania had to Trump claims that their observers had been shut out of the process, then had to concede that they hadn’t really but had to stand too far away to. “I’m sorry, then what’s your problem?” U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond queried.“Where’s the facts about that?” one federal judge in Michigan demanded on another challenge about Republican observers having to abide by social distancing orders and stand away from poll workers. He rejected the claim as  “incorrect and not credible.” None of the claims Republican lawyers are bringing stand up to examination by a judge. Like another one in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, on claims of fraud. “I am asking you a specific question, and I am looking for a specific answer. Are you claiming that there is any fraud in connection with these 592 disputed ballots?” said Judge Richard P. Haaz, a Democrat. “To my knowledge at present, no,” the lawyer replied.The pointed questioning—the exasperation—of judges is not normal said Wendy Weiser, director of the bipartisan law and public policy institute at the Brennan Center for Justice. “It is unusual for judges to be chastising litigants,” Weiser said. “But the lack of evidence in these cases is unusual. For the judges to be speaking this way, the gaps need to be fairly significant.” Karl Racine, the attorney general for the District of Columbia, agrees that Republican lawyers are pushing their luck. “I would not be surprised that if these baseless allegations continue, judges will begin to threaten and indeed issue sanctions.”- Advertisement – Trump has no legal leg to stand on in any of the states. He’s had exactly one victory in more than a dozen decisions. What his complaints have done, however, is show just how well-run this election was across the nation, even with the pandemic, at least in terms of its integrity. Not one vote has been invalidated by Trump challenges, in any state. That’s not going to keep Trump—and Rudy Giuliani who’s now in charge of all the lawsuits—from continuing this fiasco. Trump promised that in his weekend of rage tweets, including the claim that “Our big cases showing the unconstitutionality of the 2020 Election, & the outrage of things that were done to change the outcome, will soon be filed!” The judges are going to love that.At some point, Trump lawyers are going to stretch reality just too far for the judges who are becoming increasingly frustrated with the bullshit. “At what point does this get ridiculous?” a judge in Nevada asked, rhetorically since we’re so there already, when Republican lawyers were complaining that their observers couldn’t get close enough to eavesdrop on every word from poll workers. Even before the election, when the Trump campaign was trying to shut down mail-in balloting in the state, a judge declared that “this allegation, specifically in Montana, is a fiction.”- Advertisement –center_img That could be coming soon, because Giuliani is promising more ridiculousness in Pennsylvania. “We have people that observed people being pushed out of the polling place. We have people who were suggested to vote the other way and shown how to do it. I’m giving you the big picture,” he said on Fox New Sunday, despite the fact that none of this was reported, you know, during the voting on Election Day.  “You are required to have some basis for believing your claims to be true. It has to be some basis in fact, not just wild speculation,” Weiser said. “And the bar isn’t even that high. To not meet it is very unusual and inappropriate.”last_img read more

Open public debate on the Operational Plan for the Development of Cyclotourism in the County of Istria from 2019 to 2025

first_imgGet involved in the public consultation process that lasts until January 28.01.2019, XNUMX. g, because it is a happy and important strategic document. For more information on how to get involved in counseling, see HERE. Cover photo: Now, a consultation with the interested public on the Operational Plan for the Development of Cyclotourism of the County of Istria, which is being prepared for the period from 2019 to 2025. The main goal is to obtain a complete document on the basis of which the cycling tourism of the Istrian County should be developed, which is also one of the guidelines of the operational product development strategy from the Master Plan for Tourism Development of Istria until 2025. As pointed out by the Administrative Department for Tourism of the Istrian County, through questionnaires and workshops with all key stakeholders analyzed the current situation regarding plans, projects, legislation and other aspects that affect the development of this specific tourist product. The aim was to determine the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and limitations on the basis of which the vision and goals of further development of cycling tourism in the County of Istria were defined. Since the bike product in Istria began to develop in the late XNUMXs, the operational plan for the development of cycling tourism brings together all existing cycling infrastructure destinations, facilities, services, supply and demand and plans projects in the coming medium term.  Last year, the Administrative Department for Tourism of the County of Istria was approved a grant from the Ministry of Tourism from the Tourism Development Fund in 2017 for the project Operational Plan for the Development of Cyclotourism in the County of Istria. RELATED NEWS: Attachment: DRAFT / OPERATIONAL CYCLOTURISM DEVELOPMENT PLAN OF ISTRIA COUNTY FOR THE PERIOD FROM 2019 TO 2025 “Cyclotourism is an important tourist product that attracts an increasing number of visitors and tourists to the Istrian County, therefore, by involving as many stakeholders as possible, we want to plan the development of this segment of tourism, and thus influence sustainable product development, satisfaction of tourists and locals. raise the level of road safety. ” stand out from the Administrative Department for Tourism of the Istrian County. According to the TOMAS 2017 survey, as many as 23,5% of tourists / guests ride a bicycle during their stay in the County of Istria, which is convincingly the highest of all Croatian counties. They are followed by Lika-Senj County with 16,9% and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County with 11,1%. Also, of the 30 activities offered during your stay in the destination, cycling is in a very high sixth place.last_img read more

COVID-19 behind decline in corporate bond issuances, analysts say

first_imgThe issuance of corporate bonds will likely decline this year as many companies shelve plans to seek funding because of unfavorable global economic conditions, analysts have said.Indonesia Securities Pricing Corporation (PHEI) president director Yoyok Isharsaya said in Jakarta on May 6 that the company had lowered its bond issuance forecast to around Rp 100 trillion (US$6.66 billion) to Rp 110 trillion this year. The figure is well below its previous forecast of Rp 170 trillion in new issuances or refinancing, he said. “The slowdown has been apparent since the first quarter of this year when we only saw a total of Rp 21.34 trillion in bond issuances, lower than the Rp 30.39 trillion in the first quarter of last year,” Yoyok told The Jakarta Post via text message. He attributed the decrease in bond issuances this year to growing uncertainties in the global economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has paralyzed the majority of economic activities around the world. In early April this year, the International Monetary Funds (IMF) cut its projection for Indonesia’s GDP growth to 0.5 percent from 5.1 percent in its October projection. Based on the government’s worst-case scenario, economic growth could plunge to 0.4 percent, far lower than its initial estimate of 5.1 percent.Rating agency Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia (Pefindo) analyst Fikri C. Permana said on May 6 that he expected companies to delay their bond issuances as they waited for the right moment to get a reasonable cost of funding.“Although Bank Indonesia [BI] has lowered its interest rate, cost of funding is still quite high for companies at this time because the benchmark 10-year government bond yield has risen,” he said. BI has lowered interest rates by 50 basis points (bps) this year, bringing the benchmark seven-day reverse repo rate down to 4.5 percent.The low interest rate, however, has not brought down the corporate bond coupon rate, as Indonesia’s 10-year government bond yield currently sits at 8.07 percent, much higher than the 6.5 percent yield it recorded in early March before COVID-19 spread across the country.Given the situation, Fikri expected corporate debt paper issuances this year to only reach Rp 116.9 trillion, well below last year’s Rp 146.49 trillion. Most of this year’s issuances are projected to be intended for refinancing purposes.This is reflected in the recent bond offers from two companies, telecommunication infrastructure firm PT Bali Towerindo and paper producer PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper.Bali Towerindo plans to raise Rp 800 billion through the first tranche of its first shelf registration bond to refinance its due debt. Meanwhile, Indah Kiat is offering Rp 3 trillion to help refinance its debts and fund its working capital.Bank Central Asia economist David Sumual also predicted that the delay in investments among companies was likely due to their efforts to preserve cash in this time of high uncertainty.“Companies are prioritizing liquidity over expansion to ensure they have enough money to fund their daily operations during the pandemic period,” he told the Post on Monday.He expected companies to implement efficiency measures to preserve their cash in the short term, including reducing capital expenditure (capex) and operating expenditure (opex) and even downsizing their human resources.Although such a move might be necessary for companies in the short-term, David worried it would have a significant impact on the economy.“If all companies make the same moves at the same time, it will have a negative effect on the economy in the medium term,” he said.To avoid prolonging the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy, David advised the government to move swiftly in disburse stimulus packages, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.He also recommended that the government should disburse cash and other social aid to strengthen the public’s purchasing power to drive demand higher amid the pandemic.Topics :last_img read more

Record first-half return for Norway’s sovereign fund

first_imgNBIM said the fund’s market value reached NOK8.02trn at the end of June, up from NOK7.51trn at the end of 2016.Since the end of the reporting period, however, the fund’s value has decreased to NOK7.71trn, according to the rolling figure on NBIM’s website.Trond Grande, deputy chief executive at NBIM, said: “The record-high return is primarily due to the fact that the fund has become so large.”But he warned: “We cannot expect such returns in the future.”Grande said the stock markets had performed particularly well so far this year.In the second quarter alone, equity investments returned 3.4%, fixed-income investments returned 1.1% and real estate returned 2.1%.The results meant NBIM beat its benchmark, generating a total return on investments that was 0.3 percentage points higher than the return on its reference index.In the second quarter, NOK16bn was withdrawn from the fund by the government, it said.Over the quarter, Norway’s currency unit appreciated against the main currencies, which had decreased the value of the fund by NOK32bn, the manager said.At the end of June, the GPFG had 65.1% of assets invested in equities, 32.4% in fixed income and 2.5% in unlisted real estate.Compared to the end of the first quarter, this means the proportion of equities rose slightly, the fixed-income allocation contracted and the real estate allocation was unchanged. Norway’s giant sovereign wealth fund made its largest ever half-year return in the first six months of 2017, according to its latest financial results.The Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) made NOK499bn (€53.6bn) in the first half of the year in absolute terms, a figure that its manager Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) put down to the fact the fund has grown so large.Reporting results for the second quarter, NBIM said the fund returned 2.6% or NOK202bn in the second quarter, bringing the return for the first half of the year to 6.5%.The manager described as the best half-year return in Norwegian kroner terms in the history of the fund.last_img read more

BPA Looking into Key Issues under New Port Futures Project

first_imgThe British Ports Association is looking to examine emerging threats to and opportunities for British ports through its new Port Futures project, labelled Horizon.The rolling programme of activity will address key issues for ports over the next 50 years, including infrastructure and skills, grouped around four key drivers of change, including Technology & Automation; Climate Change and the Environment; Politics, Regulation and the Law; and Social and Economic change.BPA said that individual projects around key emerging challenges for ports will be launched under each theme. The outcome will be a rolling programme of recommendations for Government, feeding into initiatives such as Maritime 2050 and the Industrial Strategy.“Today’s world is marked by rapid and at times unpredictable change, and as an industry we are keen to play our part in shaping that change as much as possible and being ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges,” Mark Simmonds, Policy Manager at the British Ports Association, said.“The programme will focus minds across industry and government on key long-term challenges, such as what port infrastructure will be needed to accommodate the vessels of the future. Will the current trend towards ever-larger ships continue? Or will autonomous vessels herald more but more numerous traffic into our ports?,” Simmonds added.Ports carry 95% of the UK’s trade and as key parts of the logistics chains and important economic hubs in their own right, this programme will inform the Government’s own futures project, Maritime 2050, launched at London International Shipping Week in September.In a separate statement, the UK Major Ports Group (UKMPG) called for an integrated freight strategy for the UK to boost trade.In responding to the UK Government’s consultation on the next phase of England’s road strategy UKMPG highlighted that the UK must develop a cohesive strategy across transport modes for the key freight transport corridors.“What is required is to take an overview of each of the key freight corridors that enable the UK to trade with the world, rather than take a largely siloed approach through planning by mode of transport,” Tim Morris, Chief Executive of UKMPG, said.last_img read more

Batesville Red Dirt Basketball Scores

first_imgDirt Road Boys Basketball League Scores 11/13/16 (Opening Day). 6th Grade Bulldogs @ Union County High School.  Batesville 33, Union County 11   Alec Bunselmeier and Noah Tuveson scored 8 points each.    Batesville 25, Cambridge City Lincoln 24  Benjamin Harmeyer and Jackson Renck scored 10 points each.   Coach John Harmeyer reported that the key to victory in both games was the tenacious team defense.        The 6th graders are in action next Sunday at Greensburg Middle School @ 1:00 vs. Rising Sun and 3:00 is the rematch of last year’s 5th grade DRBL Championship game vs. Greensburg.      5th Grade Bulldogs @ South Decatur High School.Batesville 27, Greensburg 13  Sam Johnson scored 8 pts., Conner Drake scored 7 pts. and dished out 3 assists, and Chris Lewis led the team in rebounding with 5.    Batesville 51, Morristown 8    Johnson led the way with 12 pts.; Gus Prickel scored 9, Jack Grunkemeyer scored 8 pts., dished out 3 assists and pulled down 6 rebounds, while Bradley Wirth led the team in rebounding with 9.     Coach Paul Drake reported that after a sluggish beginning to the first game of the season the young Bulldogs settled in and played aggressive team defense forcing several turnovers on both opponents with their full court press. Impressively, all 9 players scored in the second contest of the day.    The 5th graders are in action next Sunday at Union County High School @ 1:00 vs. Union County and @ 3:00 vs. Blue River Valley.     4th Grade Bulldogs @ Greensburg Junior High.     Batesville 30, Jac-Cen-Del 17   Batesville 11, Brownstown 9      The 4th graders are in action next Sunday @ Milan High School @ 1:00 vs. Brownstown Black in a rematch of today’s defensive gem and @ 2:00 vs. Brownstown Red.       3rd Grade Bulldogs @ Batesville Primary School.    Batesville 30, Rushville 4    Batesville 28, Greensburg 14Courtesy of Coach Paul Drake.last_img read more

Tourism grant application period open

first_imgIndianapolis, In. — Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch and the Department of Tourism Development are accepting applications for the Destination Development Grant program.“As destinations come to embrace tourism and its virtues more and more, they need resources to build new amenities and bolster existing ones,” said Mark Newman, IOTD Executive Director. “The beauty of this Destination Development Grant program is that the big ideas it seeks typically benefit both the visitors and residents alike.”Indiana cities, towns, counties and non-profit entities involved with tourism development and promotion are encouraged to apply. Proposed projects should target amenities, attractions and facilities that enhance the visitor experience.From now until December 1, 2017 applications for projects valued between $50,000 and $250,000 will be accepted. Awards will be announced in March of 2018.More information and the application is online here.last_img