000 cadres into the enterprise to achieve the results of the 37 Provincial Working Group and the reg

In May 15th, reporters from the province thousands of cadres into the business service activities in the forum was informed that, as of now, the 37 Provincial Working Group and the total area of funds, combing tax cuts, marketing and other aspects of the issue 454, the scene to solve the land, training and other issues 89, activities achieved initial results.

during the holiday, the working group to quantify the program of work, communicate with the joint enterprise; all regions refer to the province perfect mechanism, deployed personnel, planning. May 4th 37 Provincial Working Group, 8 provincial steering group has all been in place. By May 6th, 4460 people in all regions have been deployed in place, service companies to reach nearly 1800, the basic coverage of all industrial enterprises above Designated Size and most of the focus of small and micro enterprises.


things to do right, service enterprises to do read more

Golden week Xining tourism complaints fell 55% over the same period last year

In recent years, the summer capital of Xining attracts many domestic and foreign tourists come in a throng, which put forward higher requirements on Xining tourism environment and tourism market order. Eleven golden week, the city tourism service quality complaint handling center received a total of more than 50 complaints from tourists, including effective complaints from the beginning of, compared with the same period last year, a decrease of 55% complaints.

it is reported that 11 complaints, the Provincial Tourism Bureau to do the 2, of which 1 complaints of social hotels, scenic area management personnel complaints service attitude 1; municipal government 12345 to 2 complaints, are visiting the area open open time and released by the network does not match the problem; travel agency complaints 4, is the main travel arrangements are not reasonable, no advance booking tourists return ticket services such as poor awareness of problems, complaints center requires travel agency to take emergency measures to release tourists of impatience, no conditions for ordering tickets to tourists return, get tourists understanding; the 3 relates to the scenic area, the Kumbum Monastery scenic area since 2, mainly is the service attitude poor, and tourists miscommunication and other issues, through communication and coordination to quell disputes. As of October 7th, 11 complaints have been fully coordinated, the rate was 100%. read more

Graduate examination 8 reminder release

reporter learned from the Xining education examination, 2016 national graduate entrance examination will be held in December 26th this year, -28 (more than 3 hours of test subjects in December 28th), for the majority of candidates can successfully test examination especially to the majority of candidates issued 8 warning.

is familiar with the provisions of the examination. In particular, to participate in the December 28th design class exam (examination time is 8:30-14:30) candidates should be admitted in accordance with the requirements of the admission of the unit description of the drawing tool. Two is familiar with the environment, good travel arrangements. The candidates should be familiar with the examination room ahead of traffic routes, the specific location of the examination room and the surrounding environment, advance arrangements for travel, arrive early to avoid waiting, weather and traffic factors influencing test. Three candidates must rely on the admission ticket and valid ID card admission, documents are not allowed to enter the examination room. Four is the test ban candidates enter the examination room after 15 minutes, 150 minutes before you play quasi test. Five is the examination room for each candidate is equipped with a set of (neutral pen, pencil, pencil, pencil, pencil, triangle, eraser and knife, etc.) test stationery. Six is strictly prohibited in addition to the candidates admitted to the unit on the admission ticket to indicate the need to carry any appliances and items outside the entrance. Seven candidates are required to do a good job in the custody of personal items (placed in the home or trustee escrow), the test site is not responsible for the custody of individual items candidates. Eight candidates in the examination process should pay attention to detail, calm and calm should be tested; to abide by the law. It is understood that the graduate examination in Xining city test centers are located in Xining twenty-eighth middle school, Xining City, the twenty-second secondary school, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Garden School, Xining Hui secondary school. read more

City Seismological Bureau to carry out disaster prevention and mitigation emergency volunteer team t

in order to improve the overall quality of the city’s disaster prevention and mitigation volunteer team, in December 6th, the Municipal Seismological Bureau held in, the first phase of the college students in disaster prevention and mitigation volunteer team emergency knowledge training in 2011. More than 50 college students participated in the training.


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Many initiatives to help the West harvest 265 fine days

years of good air quality days reached 265 days, the fine rate was 72.8%, the excellent rate increased by 12.25%…… In March 20th, the reporter from the comprehensive management of environmental pollution west district work conference that last year, the region through the implementation of the ban, sprinkler dust, soot source pipe network transformation "and many other initiatives, the west district environmental quality has been further improved.
in terms of air pollution. Actively carry out the "coal to gas" governance and catering industry coal fumes governance, the annual total of 14, 21, 22.1 tons of steam coal gas and 156 coal catering fume control tasks, "coal to gas" work in the city to achieve the basic zero. Strengthen the construction dust control, standardized management of muck transport, and actively carry out the work of sprinkling dust. Further increase the standardization of small and medium enterprises, the 5 heavily polluting small and medium enterprises in accordance with the law to shut down. All aspects of supervision, real-time grasp of the construction site, demolition site dynamic changes. Actively carry out environmental violations prizes reporting work, the whole year received a total of 13 people reported.
in terms of water pollution. According to the west area of the long river system management, strengthen routine inspections, deepen the the Huangshui River Basin (West Section) remediation work. The investigation carried out within the jurisdiction of the liberation and agricultural ditch along the canal, banned zhangjiewan friendship plastic processing factory. Invested 1 million 513 thousand yuan for the liberation of the village of Yang ditch water pipe network transformation to solve the problem of more than 200 households in the village of sewage discharge of more than 1 thousand and 500 people. It is reported that
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How to promote carrier rich Youth League members in action

In order to further promote the creation of the national environmental protection model city, Xining city to further enhance the youth civilization quality and environmental awareness, strengthen the publicity and education of the year working, the popularity of low-carbon environmental knowledge, education and guidance of the youth support model, consciousness and initiative participation model, to promote our city year work, municipal organs work group held to create model city of environmental protection knowledge training in early December at the municipal Party Committee Party School

to create a national model city of environmental protection work to further promote the Xining City, to further enhance the youth civilization quality and environmental awareness, strengthen the publicity and education of the year working, the popularity of low-carbon environmental knowledge, education and guidance of the youth support model, participation consciousness and initiative innovation mode, to promote our city year work the municipal authorities held a work group, create a model city of environmental protection knowledge training in early December at the municipal Party Committee Party school. read more

North of Xining City the village has its kindergarten

September 2nd morning, sunny, North District of Xining City, Da Bao Zi Zhen Yi Zhai Cun Wei Hui near the firecrackers, claw ponytail, carrying a new bag of children by their parents took to the village to go, hurry in the opening ceremony and B Zhai kindergarten teaching aids donation ceremony. This day, the first kindergarten Bao Zi Zhen Yi Qi Zhai Cun built, Da Bao Zi Zhen Yi Qi Zhai Cun no kindergarten in the history of the end. The North District Development and Reform Bureau of the first kindergarten
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North District Federation of industry and commerce continue to carry out poverty alleviation activit

on the morning of September 3rd, Lin Yong, vice chairman of the Federation of the north city of Guangdong to the west side of the railway station in Xining, north of the city of Shaoguan this year to help finance the 4 poor students to attend school.
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At the end of this month the annual bus card not examined old card to end

2013 year old card annual work will be completed in October 31, 2012, has yet to participate in the annual examination of the public please bring the original booklet, ID card, 2011 insurance receipt and the elderly bus IC card to the bus company limited. Not examined the old IC card, from November 1, 2012 onwards will not be able to enjoy the free ride 2013.

Xining public transportation IC card and student bus IC card annual work from September 1st to start, to the end of October 31st. The elderly public transport IC card annual review period for the period August 26, 2007 to August 31, 2012 for the elderly bus IC card, during the annual inspection of the old bus IC card, the card can be used for annual inspection.

holds the elderly bus IC card of the elderly, I need to bring the original booklet, ID card, 2011 insurance receipt and the elderly bus IC card to the city of Xining Republic Road No. 8 bus company limited hall limited. Daily 9 to 17:30 for working hours, Saturday, Sunday without rest. In addition, the period from August 26, 2007 to December 31, 2011 for the elderly bus IC card, when examined, the need to pay 10 yuan in 2013 passenger accident insurance premiums. (author: Liu Peng)
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District Cultural Center electronic reading room financial training courses held

  June 18th fiscal system fixed assets electronic input training courses held in the district cultural center electronic reading room. Financial accounting staff from the District Accounting System under the guidance of teachers, and seriously study the entry procedures. District Cultural Center electronic reading room has been held since the free opening of various classes.

Lake Race three provinces to build

North Head of state responsible for honesty pragmatic

the end of the year approaching, north area of the target assessment is carried out like a raging fire. For the implementation of clean and honest, so that leading cadres do for the people, pragmatic and honest, the afternoon of December 24th, North District held the main responsibility of the Party committee meeting of the State responsible for honesty.

7 units of twenty

in Baoziwan Town, town, Bridge Street, Chaoyang Street, Mafang street, District Urban Management Bureau, the District Construction Bureau of party leaders with the actual work of the unit, summarize and report the work this year, and from strengthening the grassroots clean government, honest government to fulfill the main responsibility, catch team, with the team, the publicity of the State responsible for honesty.

the meeting pointed out that in the future to implement the main responsibility of the Party committee, must do five points: clear responsibility, improper shuaishouzhanggui, to take the initiative to catch, strictly grasp, manage the team, with a good team, strict with oneself, as a good example of honesty in politics. Punish corruption, the corruption of "zero tolerance", the township Commission for Discipline Inspection of the occurrence of swindle in rural areas, communities, abuse of power, to gifted affectionate friends, work injustice and arbitrary charges, fines, levies and other unwholesome tendencies and corruption cases, to quickly check quick to do, safeguard the interests of the masses. Strengthen style building, focusing on important time node, increase supervision and inspection and accountability efforts, perseverance to correct the four winds". Improve the accountability system, who assume responsibility, who is responsible for the problem, we must bear the responsibility. The Party committee is mainly responsible for people to fulfill a pair of responsibility, shouldering the responsibility of a clean government departments a place. Take the lead in clean politics, Party committee is mainly responsible for people to abide by the Constitution and the standards, safeguard the party’s political discipline, organization and discipline, financial discipline, discipline, discipline, manage the team, as a good example of honesty in politics. read more

March to the new heights

– provincial Party members and cadres to focus on learning

– to two spirit soul by baptism

high standards and strict requirements to analyze their own problems

adds to the belief that it is moving towards the new heights

– this evening to push the two bombs and one satellite · spirit highland

"two bombs and one satellite" spirit, with faith and life cast!

"two bombs and one satellite" spirit, is the pride of the Chinese nation!

"two bombs and one satellite" spirit, build our spiritual heights!

"two bombs and one satellite" is encouraged by the people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai toward the new spirit of the highlands.

is a kind of spirit, a kind of spirit, a kind of faith, a great material and spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation!

July 28th to 29, the provincial Party committee focused on the time of two days, the provincial Party members and cadres held ideals and beliefs and honest warning education activities. All of the two sides of the typical examples, especially to revisit the "two bombs and one satellite" spirit, soul by baptism, the spirit of the sublimation, enhances to the new spiritual heights for faith. read more

College students in Xining Province Cultural Service Group condolences to the fire brigade

recently, consisting of more than 80 students in 8 universities of Qinghai University, Qinghai Normal University, the University of nationalities in Qinghai province "the students into the barracks cultural propaganda service group", Xining fire brigade to show sympathy, warmly welcomed by the fire brigade.

before the performance, fire officers and soldiers to college students demonstrated a narrow space rescue operations, tapping fire rescue exercises, rescue exercises roadway fire rescue training project, fire officers and soldiers wonderful performance and superb skills to win the applause of the students. Subsequently, the performance of the fire officers and men in the momentum of the "power drum" in the prelude, the university students in the form of a unique art shows the contemporary university students in our province. The Qinghai University dance scene "Lei Feng ·" impression; the fire officers and soldiers get praise; Qinghai Normal University zither playing "Liuyang River" with deep technical skills to win the majority of officers and applause; Qinghai Normal University, Qinghai Architectural Vocational and Technical College dance "passion Spain" bring hip-hop "dancing youth", fully demonstrated the unique charm of the passion of the contemporary young college students the teachers and students of Qinghai Normal University; recitation of "man", the camp Qinghai animal husbandry and veterinary medicine Career Technical College dance "laundry song" sing the praises of the society from all walks of life to the contemporary revolutionary soldier’s deep feelings and the infinite love of the people’s army; East fire brigade Meng Lingzhi solo to the motherland "children", sing out of contemporary college students and the fire brigade with children for the motherland, beautiful the common desire to strive for the prosperity of the country . The show lasted 2.5 hours, although there is no luxury stage, not a riot of colours light, but there are students performances hot love team members, with the officers and men of joy and laughter. read more

mprove the quality of internal and external management of the new rural cooperative medical managem

to further enhance the city’s new capacity building, improve the personnel agencies and medical institutions of the policy level and management ability, regulate medical institutions service behavior, strictly control the growth of medical institutions unreasonable costs, improve the service quality of medical institutions, according to the provincial health department in 2009 "on the implementation of the new rural cooperative medical management project notice" spirit. November 22 to 26, the Municipal Health Bureau organized a new rural cooperative medical management agencies and designated medical institutions personnel training courses. City District, township (street) the city management agencies and provincial, municipal and district level medical institutions personnel more than 150 people attended the training.
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12328 open the admissibility of consulting complaints 69

In October 28th, reporters from the provincial emergency support network center was informed that the 12328 transportation services industry supervision hotline opened our province on September 1st, in a month’s time has received complaints from the masses and consulting 69, each one got satisfactory treatment. 12328 transportation service telephone supervision efforts to solve the transportation industry supervision service number is not unified, the masses complaint channels, information consultation is not convenient, promote the realization of transportation service supervision, complaints, advice, information and consulting services to accept one, improve the transport capacity and service levels, improve the degree of recognition and the satisfaction of the masses. 12328 business telephone system horizontal coverage of highway and waterway, road transport, city passenger transport, maritime, salvage, civil aviation, railway, postal nine areas; vertical department, province city county four class. Call service center in Qinghai received 69 calls, complaints reported 13, accounting for 19%; information consulting, accounting for 71% of the total number of opinions and suggestions of the 5, accounting for 7%; emergency rescue of 2, accounting for 3%.   read more

More than 90 thousand households to change the formation of the formation of the potential

Qinghai paper factory area, garden area shantytowns transformation is stepping up implementation, some households within the area will stay in the resettlement areas for full implementation; Shen Zhai Qi City area, such as village shantytowns, also let more and more farmers close to city life. November 6th, the reporter learned that, in order to shantytowns oriented housing construction under the guidance of the province’s comprehensive construction of more than 90 thousand new shantytowns project, has formed the trend of shantytowns. From the 14 shantytowns Chengbei District Menyuan Road area transformation, to the East District of rhyme ieguchi, pay in resettlement housing construction; from the city center to the South Qi Xiang Xiang Chao Yang Xin Cun, shantytowns in our province has penetrated into all aspects of city, industrial and mining enterprises, villages and urban and rural areas, those who have. One building, long service life, supporting infrastructure, security and more dilapidated shanty towns, is the transformation ushered in the new look. Currently, the province this year to determine the implementation of the 110 thousand and 500 sets (households) affordable housing has started 105 thousand and 700 units (households), of which shantytowns project amounted to 9.11. According to reports, this year, the province actively promote the various regions of the city’s affordable housing and shantytowns, rural housing construction, and the protection of housing construction and the construction of new rural communities and plateau beautiful rural integration. The provincial finance department to arrange funds in advance to start the implementation of the 2014 City shantytowns project; construction departments to the 2017 shantytowns planning, the task decomposition, implemented in cities and counties, to block decomposition. This year in the construction of low-income housing, low rent housing in our province will include all public rental management, implementation of unified planning, construction and operation management, and actively implement the National Development Bank, 10 billion 659 million yuan loans shantytowns, strict access to low-income housing allocation and management, strengthen the management and use of post occupancy, these measures have made the province into low-income housing the construction management of the track more smoothly.   read more

Create a civilized city of Xining and then to the sanitation workers a resting place

Beautiful summer, there is a group of lovely people, regardless of the cold, heat, keeping the city clean, they are sanitation workers. However, these hard city beautician from dawn to sunset to work hard, but not a resting place. Even the day, some people appealed to the sanitation workers a resting place

enthusiastic citizens: sanitation workers are not easy

August 14th, this newspaper, listen to the voice of the 6 sanitation workers, a text published, causing widespread concern of the public. Recently, many members of the public through the newspaper appealed, hoping to give the sanitation workers a resting place.

August 20th, Mr. Wang, who lives in the east of the provincial capital of Chaoyang Road to the newspaper 96369 news hotline said, sanitation workers in the city to pay the hard work of the beautiful, impressive. However, they are busy from morning to night. But no place to rest, I hope the relevant departments or units, to sanitation workers to provide a shelter pied-a-terre. read more