Ryan Giggs: Wales postpone news conference over alleged incident involving manager | Football News

first_imgWales next face the United States in a friendly at Swansea’s Liberty Stadium on November 12 ahead of two crucial games in the Nations League.Group leaders Wales host the Republic of Ireland on November 15, before facing Finland on November 18 – with both games to be held at the Cardiff City Stadium.More to follow…- Advertisement – The Football Association of Wales has postponed a press conference on Tuesday following allegations against manager Ryan Giggs.The Welsh FA issued a statement late on Monday night saying it was aware of reports involving Giggs but would not be commenting further.- Advertisement – – Advertisement –center_img Giggs was scheduled to attend the news conference to announce the Wales squad for their upcoming games against the United States, Republic of Ireland and Finland.Former Manchester United winger Giggs has been Wales manager since succeeding Chris Coleman in 2018.He enjoyed a successful first full qualification campaign with the national team – guiding them to a place at Euro 2020, where they will face Turkey, Italy and Switzerland in the group stage of the delayed competition.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Some Republicans fiercely defend Trump’s lies as others offer the weakest possible pushback

first_img– Advertisement – Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse came out with a typically self-important statement, but he did say “If the President’s legal team has real evidence, they need to present it immediately to both the public and the courts.” But if Trump responds as expected to Joe Biden pulling ahead in Georgia and Pennsylvania, Republicans are going to need to get a lot stronger than these weak tea statements. If they want to be remembered as having—in the final, final moments—stood for democracy, they need to actually condemn what Trump is saying and doing, forcefully and with no weasel words. As it stands now, there’s no indication they’re prepared. Not exactly full-throated “the election is being stolen from Trump” rhetoric, but by regurgitating Team Trump’s legal vs. illegal votes claims, McConnell tried to hedge his bets. He couldn’t just come out and defend the democratic process with his whole voice.Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey did a little better, telling the Today show’s Savannah Guthrie, “the president’s allegations of large-scale fraud and theft of the election are just not substantiated. I’m not aware of any significant wrongdoing here.”- Advertisement –last_img read more

Christian Conservatives Respond to Trump’s Loss and Look Ahead

first_imgMr. Trump did win a larger share of support from Latino voters overall, though, compared with four years ago. And for Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, a Sacramento pastor who prayed at Mr. Trump’s 2017 inauguration, the lesson from the 2020 election was that Latinos had become what he called “the quintessential swing vote.”Mr. Rodriguez saw one legacy of the Trump era redefining American evangelicals’ former approach to the question of politicians’ character. Their loyalty to Mr. Trump, which had required overlooking language and behavior they found abhorrent, proved that personal character isn’t everything to them, given how many tangible goals were achieved.“The policies are absolutely remarkable,” he said.Voting for a person like Donald Trump would have been unimaginable to evangelicals 40 years ago, when they emerged as a powerful faction behind the victory of Ronald Reagan, said R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky.Today, “they feel the wind facing them,” he said, “with a clear sense that the culture is becoming reordered in a hostile and increasingly secular manner. Evangelicals are voting with the same values, but with a different set of priorities.” “I don’t think our world will ever get back, when you have a country that is this divided,” she said.Donna Rigney, a pastor whose church meets in the lodge of an R.V. park in Salt Springs, Fla., had supported the president since 2016, when she received what she saw as a direct message from God supporting his candidacy.After this election, she sent an email to the people in her prayer circles urging them not to give up. “We have to drag Donald Trump over the finish line with prayers of faith, worship, fasting and staying in the place of loving and forgiving our enemies,” she wrote.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – Now the election of Joseph R. Biden Jr. marks a new chapter for conservative Christian power, which reached a peak under Mr. Trump. As Republican evangelicals around the country processed the week’s events, they reflected on how much they had gained in the last four years and on their fears over what could happen under a Biden administration. They also wondered when and how they would regain power.In Sheldon, Iowa, where about eight out of ten voters supported Mr. Trump, Leah Schoonhooven journaled her concerns about a Biden presidency over three single-spaced pages. She worried that the election results were corrupted, and that Mr. Biden would reverse Mr. Trump’s priorities, from building the border wall to elevating conservative evangelical ideals on religious freedom. Mr. Mohler did not vote for Mr. Trump in 2016. But this year, he spoke publicly about his plans to vote for the president despite his continuing reservations, calling the alternative to a Trump victory “increasingly unthinkable.” Mr. Trump’s presidency repeatedly revealed the deep divide between white conservative Christians and other people of faith, or of no faith at all. Mr. Biden’s narrow margin of victory in several battleground states revealed that the cultural clash between these groups is far from over. About eight in ten white evangelical voters supported Mr. Trump in the 2020 election, according to AP VoteCast, just as they did in 2016. Mr. Biden’s coalition included many Black Protestants, Hispanic Catholics, and religiously unaffiliated Americans. “To plan for the Biden administration, we’ve got to have a backstop; otherwise it is the Armageddon we feared in the beginning,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List. “That’s why Georgia is so vital. The other side knows that, too.”On Saturday, as the Biden campaign declared victory, the Faith and Freedom Coalition began knocking on doors across the state, and prepared to distribute one million voter guides to 4,000 churches.Social conservatives also celebrated the election to the House of at least 15 new women who oppose abortion rights, more than doubling their numbers in the previous Congress. About half of the 15 flipped seats that had been in Democratic hands.And social conservatives had another reason to stay positive: Even though Mr. Trump had lost, they believed that the conservative control of the judiciary that he enabled would have a lasting impact.“When Amy Coney Barrett writes the majority decision protecting Christian foster care and adoption agencies, I’m going to celebrate,” Penny Nance, president of Concerned Women for America, said. “We put some points on the board.” Updated Nov. 8, 2020, 3:10 p.m. ET But she said Friday that if this did turn out to be the end of the Trump era, she was grateful for what he had done for the country, and comforted that he would suffer fewer attacks. “He will be fine, he has God’s hand on him,” she said. “He’ll be better off not being the president and not being attacked daily. But I really feel this will be terrible for the nation.” Like the president, a number of evangelical leaders refused to accept an outcome in which Mr. Trump had lost. Moments after most major news networks calculated that Mr. Biden had won the race, Franklin Graham, the evangelist, cautioned that the results were not “official.”And Mr. Graham warned that under a Biden administration, Christian businesses would be soon be targeted for things like not selling a cake for a gay wedding, as he said happened during Mr. Obama’s presidency.“America is in such moral decline,” he said. “We are becoming a much more violent country. I am afraid for our country.”In Texas, Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Dallas, reserved billboards across the city to advertise his upcoming sermon on how Christians should respond to a Biden presidency.“There are going to be millions of Christians who are disappointed in these results,” he said. “A Joe Biden win cannot erase all the positive accomplishments than can be attributed to President Trump,” he said. “I don’t think there is any way to calculate all the good things he has accomplished.”Some social conservative political groups were already pivoting to other political fights, such as protecting Republican control of the Senate, which could be decided by two runoff elections in Georgia in January. Continued Republican control of the Senate could buffer their accomplishments under Mr. Trump, and make it harder for Democrats to do things like fund Planned Parenthood or increase the size of the Supreme Court, several organizers said. When President Trump won the White House four years ago in a surprise victory, conservative Christians could not believe their good fortune.At every turn of his presidency, he gave them everything they wanted: Two hundred federal judges appointed for life. An embassy in Jerusalem. Anti-abortion policies. Two Supreme Court Justices, and then in the final hours, a third. He was their bulwark, their defender, at a time when the country as they knew it, and their place in it, was changing. And he brought their movement to a pinnacle of political maturity.- Advertisement – “He doesn’t stand for Christianity at all; maybe he will prove me wrong,” she said of Mr. Biden, who is Catholic. “It scares me. He’s not going to do everything that Trump did.”- Advertisement –last_img read more

Trump lawyers admit key part of Pennsylvania case is bull***t, judges get increasingly frustrated

first_img– Advertisement – Michigan Judge Cynthia Stephens nearly lost it when Republican lawyers presented a sworn affidavit that swore to pretty much nothing. “What I have, at best, is a hearsay affidavit,” said Stephens. “If there is something in that affidavit that would indicate that the [witness] observed activity that would be a depravation of the rights of poll watchers, I want you to please focus my attention on that. … ‘I heard somebody else say something.’ Tell me why that’s not hearsay. Come on now.” Which is pretty much the response a federal judge in Pennsylvania had to Trump claims that their observers had been shut out of the process, then had to concede that they hadn’t really but had to stand too far away to. “I’m sorry, then what’s your problem?” U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond queried.“Where’s the facts about that?” one federal judge in Michigan demanded on another challenge about Republican observers having to abide by social distancing orders and stand away from poll workers. He rejected the claim as  “incorrect and not credible.” None of the claims Republican lawyers are bringing stand up to examination by a judge. Like another one in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, on claims of fraud. “I am asking you a specific question, and I am looking for a specific answer. Are you claiming that there is any fraud in connection with these 592 disputed ballots?” said Judge Richard P. Haaz, a Democrat. “To my knowledge at present, no,” the lawyer replied.The pointed questioning—the exasperation—of judges is not normal said Wendy Weiser, director of the bipartisan law and public policy institute at the Brennan Center for Justice. “It is unusual for judges to be chastising litigants,” Weiser said. “But the lack of evidence in these cases is unusual. For the judges to be speaking this way, the gaps need to be fairly significant.” Karl Racine, the attorney general for the District of Columbia, agrees that Republican lawyers are pushing their luck. “I would not be surprised that if these baseless allegations continue, judges will begin to threaten and indeed issue sanctions.”- Advertisement – Trump has no legal leg to stand on in any of the states. He’s had exactly one victory in more than a dozen decisions. What his complaints have done, however, is show just how well-run this election was across the nation, even with the pandemic, at least in terms of its integrity. Not one vote has been invalidated by Trump challenges, in any state. That’s not going to keep Trump—and Rudy Giuliani who’s now in charge of all the lawsuits—from continuing this fiasco. Trump promised that in his weekend of rage tweets, including the claim that “Our big cases showing the unconstitutionality of the 2020 Election, & the outrage of things that were done to change the outcome, will soon be filed!” The judges are going to love that.At some point, Trump lawyers are going to stretch reality just too far for the judges who are becoming increasingly frustrated with the bullshit. “At what point does this get ridiculous?” a judge in Nevada asked, rhetorically since we’re so there already, when Republican lawyers were complaining that their observers couldn’t get close enough to eavesdrop on every word from poll workers. Even before the election, when the Trump campaign was trying to shut down mail-in balloting in the state, a judge declared that “this allegation, specifically in Montana, is a fiction.”- Advertisement –center_img That could be coming soon, because Giuliani is promising more ridiculousness in Pennsylvania. “We have people that observed people being pushed out of the polling place. We have people who were suggested to vote the other way and shown how to do it. I’m giving you the big picture,” he said on Fox New Sunday, despite the fact that none of this was reported, you know, during the voting on Election Day.  “You are required to have some basis for believing your claims to be true. It has to be some basis in fact, not just wild speculation,” Weiser said. “And the bar isn’t even that high. To not meet it is very unusual and inappropriate.”last_img read more

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp delighted with new Kirkby training ground | Football News

first_imgLiverpool’s new AXA training ground is “pretty much perfect”, manager Jurgen Klopp has said, as the club open the new facility in Kirkby.The Reds bid an emotional farewell to their Melwood training centre – developed into a top-class facility by Bill Shankly during the 1950s – last week after more than 70 years.- Advertisement – “It is a wonderful building – you have everything you need now and for the future. It’s pretty much perfect!” Liverpool’s new base, which has been two years in the making, will play host to the first team and U23 academy side and boasts three full-size pitches, goalkeeping, and warm-up areas, and indoor facilities. It also has dedicated TV studios, press conference facilities, and office accommodation.“Today is a really special day for the team – it has been a long time coming,” said Klopp.“There has been a lot of steps, meetings with architects, designers, everybody! The facility is great and whoever has the chance to visit will be impressed.- Advertisement – Media facilities at Liverpool's new training centreImage:Media facilities at Liverpool’s new training centre (credit: Liverpool FC/Andrew Powell) To mark the occasion, a steel time capsule was installed at the training centre, which includes artefacts of the club’s historic moments, with the hope it will be opened in 50 years to inspire the next generation.Liverpool’s managing director Andy Hughes says this marks a “new era” for the club and praised the combined efforts of Klopp, sporting director Michael Edwards and academy director Alex Inglethorpe for their “instrumental role” in the creation of the new facility.- Advertisement – Aerial shot of Melwood, Liverpool's training ground.Image:Liverpool said farewell last week to Melwood, the club’s training base for 70 years – Advertisement – Coaching staff and players can now utilise three full-size training pitches, goalkeeping and warm-up areas, two gyms, a full-size sports hall, hydrotherapy complex and specialist sports rehab suites.To put that in context, as well as greater outdoor space, the gym is three times the size of its Melwood equivalent, while the medical areas are twice the size. “We started this project over two years ago, marking a significant milestone in the history of this great football club,” he said.“After saying a fond farewell to Melwood last week, we are excited to be starting a new era at the club, bringing our First Team and Academy operations and facilities together on one site for the first time in history.”“We go to the new place to create the future”Sky Sports News reporter Vinny O’Connor takes a closer look at Liverpool’s new training centre:From Clemence to Alisson, Rush to Fowler, Dalglish to Gerrard, and Shankly to Klopp, for 70 years Melwood has been the training ground of legends. Now, 722 days after construction began, a new era is underway with the move to Kirkby and Liverpool’s new AXA Training Centre. In Jurgen Klopp’s words, “we go to the new place to create the future.”The 9200sqm complex ensures the relationship with the Academy will be closer than ever creating a combined first team and U23 facility, each with their own identity. Indoor sports hall at Liverpool's new training centreImage:Indoor sports hall at Liverpool’s new training centre (credit: Liverpool FC/Andrew Powell) “At Melwood unfortunately, size-wise, we’d run out of room, so it didn’t really enable us to invest and progress as we would like to,” explained managing director, Andy Hughes.“(At the new facility) we’ve also got the wider sports concept with more things for the team to do when they’re not actually playing football. So, wherever you look, whatever aspect of the training ground they are using, we’ve taken a really big step forward.” The gym in Liverpool's new training centreImage:The gym in Liverpool’s new Kirkby training centre (credit: Liverpool FC/Andrew Powell)last_img read more

Avian flu reported in Japan; WHO assesses Asian outbreaks

first_imgAug 18, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – An outbreak of a mild form of avian influenza was reported in Japan today, as the World Health Organization (WHO) voiced concern about the recent spread of H5N1 avian flu to Russia and Kazakhstan.Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture reported that chickens at a farm in Konosu, near Tokyo, had tested positive for avian flu, according to the Chinese news agency Xinhua. “The virus detected is of the H5 variety but is considered to be a weaker type because no mass deaths occurred at the farm,” the story said.The local government has decided to kill the 98,300 chickens on the farm and ban the movement of chickens and eggs within 5 kilometers of the site, the report said.An outbreak of H5N2 avian flu was reported on one farm elsewhere in Japan in June. H5N2 avian flu has not been known to infect humans, unlike the H5N1 virus, which has killed close to 60 people in Southeast Asia since late 2003. Japan had several poultry outbreaks of H5N1 early in 2004.The WHO today released an assessment of the recent spread of H5N1 outbreaks to Russia, Kazakhstan, and the Tibetan region of China. “The expanding geographical presence of the virus is of concern as it creates further opportunities for human exposure,” the agency said.”Each additional human case increases opportunities for the virus to improve its transmissibility, through either adaptive mutation or reassortment. The emergence of an H5N1 strain that is readily transmitted among humans would mark the start of a pandemic.”The outbreaks in Russia and Kazakhstan are the first appearances of highly pathogenic H5N1 avian flu in the two countries, the agency said. It said deaths in migratory birds as well as domestic birds have been reported.The flu virus that recently killed 89 migratory birds at two lakes in northern Mongolia has not yet been fully identified, though it is known to be type A, the WHO said.”The outbreaks in Russia and Kazakhstan provide evidence that H5N1 viruses have spread beyond their initial focus in south-east Asian countries, where outbreaks are now known to have begun in mid-2003,” the WHO said. The virus continues to crop up in many areas of Vietnam and Indonesia and in some areas of Cambodia, China, Thailand, and possibly Laos, the statement added.The WHO suggested that the Qinghai Lake wildlife refuge in central China may be a link between the outbreaks in Southeast Asia and those in Russia. More than 6,000 migratory birds at the refuge died of avian flu in late spring and early summer.Research published in July indicated that the H5N1 viruses found in the Qinghai Lake outbreak resembled those that have been circulating in Southeast Asia, the agency said. It added, “Analyses of viruses from the Russian outbreak, recently published on the OIE [World Organization for Animal Health] Website, show apparent similarity to viruses isolated from migratory birds during the Qinghai Lake outbreak.”The WHO warned that the virus could spread to still more countries. The agency called for careful surveillance for cases in poultry and migratory birds and quick efforts to contain any outbreaks.Meanwhile, it remained unclear today whether some bird deaths in southern Russia, near the Caspian Sea, were due to avian flu. The Moscow Times quoted Sergei Dankvert, a top Russian veterinary official, as saying that the birds on a farm in Kalmykia might have died of an infection caused by parasitic worms. If the illness turned out to be H5N1 avian flu, it could mark the first outbreak of that strain in Europe, the story said.See also:Aug 18 WHO statementhttp://www.who.int/csr/don/2005_08_18/en/index.htmllast_img read more

Lawmakers grill food companies over use of tainted ingredients

first_img Heather Isley, co-owner of Vitamin Cottage Natural Food Markets, said she hoped that any requirement to submit positive contaminant findings would be accompanied by a system to alert other companies, particularly small businesses that don’t have the extra resources to conduct their own supplier audits. She added that since the outbreak the company is now conducting its own tests on the peanut products it receives. Ensure that the FDA has the right mix of intervention and enforcement authority Mar 19 supporting documents for House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing They also criticized companies for not noticing that PCA’s Texas facility was not registered in the state of Texas. In 2006, Nestle sent its auditors to PCA’s Plainview, Tex., plant where they noted similar problems, Stupak said. Develop a single standard for inspection with training improvement for inspectors All three of the companies whose leaders testified before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce today issued recall notices after the Salmonella Typhimurium outbreak strain was suspected and identified in some of their products: King Nut Company, Kellogg, and Vitamin Cottage Natural Food Markets. In his opening statement, committee chairman Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., revealed that auditors from Nestle visited PCA’s plant in Blakely, Ga., and found that the company didn’t have a plan to address hazards such as Salmonella and had areas of the plant that were vulnerable to cross-contamination. Auditors also noted several sanitary problems such as rodent droppings and live and dead insects within the premises. Mandate annual FDA inspections of facilities that produce high-risk products Martin Kanan, president and chief executive officer of King Nut Company, told legislators that he felt betrayed by PCA after calling company president Stuart Parnell after he first heard rumors that Minnesota’s agriculture department had found the outbreak strain in an open jar of King Nut peanut butter, which had been manufactured by PCA. “I asked him if they had any problems with Salmonella in the past, and he told me no,” he said. Several Congress members pointed to what they see as conflict-of-interest problems with third-party inspections, whereby food processors themselves hire the food safety inspectors to clear their products for sale to manufacturers. Feb 11 CIDRAP News story “Company officials silent as lawmakers air Salmonella outbreak” Mackay added that having the FDA routinely inspect companies that handle high-risk foods would benefit companies of all sizes. “If we could have an FDA inspection that we can all rely on, that would be better for everyone, rather than having everyone duplicate their efforts,” he said. Several food safety enhancements have been raised by experts, such as implementing standards for third-party inspectors, mandating routine testing for high-risk foods, improving traceback procedures, and requiring companies to submit positive microbial findings to the FDA. The three food company executives agreed with most of the suggestions, with some qualifications.center_img Mar 19, 2009 (CIDRAP News) – Members of Congress today grilled executives of three food companies about what role producers have in ensuring that their ingredients are safe, after revealing that Nestle did its own audits of Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) facilities in 2002 and 2006 and rejected the company as one of its suppliers. The outbreak, traced to PCA peanut products, has sickened at least 691 people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Require all food companies to have an FDA-reviewed food safety plan He said Kellogg also recommends that federal officials: Legislators told the company executives that some red flags should have raised suspicions about PCA as a supplier. For example, Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., said that a previous third-party audit of PCA’s Georgia facility had shown that the company had no critical control points. “That audit was telling you that PCA didn’t have a plan to kill Salmonella,” he told the group. In his opening statement, Mackay said that Kellogg supports the concept of a single food safety authority within the US Department of Health and Human Service (HHS), along with a food safety advisory council to develop science-based food safety policies. David Mackay, chief executive officer of Kellogg, said that since the outbreak the company has implemented new methods of ensuring that food ingredients are safe, such as forming teams to address issues surrounding high-risk ingredients, requiring suppliers to conduct environmental sampling and monitoring, and strengthening food safety training throughout its supply chain. Rep. Greg Walden. R-Ore., cautioned legislators not to overreact with too much legislation on the heels of the Salmonella outbreak. “I want to get a balance that gives us as much security as we can, but doesn’t blow up the whole system,” he said. Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., said the same level of diligence in ensuring the use of safe ingredients is not routine across the food industry, and that some place too much reliance on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and accepted industry practices. “They’re showing an extraordinary amount of trust in a system that does not work,” he said. See also: He said Kellogg previously depended on a combination of third-party audits, certificates of analysis from ingredient suppliers, in-house ingredient testing, and its own assessments of high-risk ingredients. However, Mackay said, “How do you manage for someone who would put consumers at risk?” “As a result Nestle USA rejected PCA as a supplier,” he said. “We will ask the other companies here today why they did not do the same. If they had, perhaps some of these illnesses and deaths would have been avoided.”last_img read more

Zadar Tourist Board has announced a public tender for the creation of a new visual identity

first_imgThe Tourist Board of the City of Zadar has announced an invitation to participate in the Public Tender for the creation of a new logo of the Tourist Board of the City of Zadar with the aim of creating a recognizable visual identity of the Tourist Board of the City of Zadar.The competition is open to all natural and legal persons, ie designers, architects, illustrators, artists and other creative individuals, and the best bidder is awarded a cash prize in the amount of HRK 15.000,00 after the end of the public competition. The competition is open until November 6, 2017, and the conditions for participation in the competition can be found on the official website of the Tourist Board of the City of Zadar at the link below.Side dish: PUBLIC TENDER FOR THE DESIGN OF A NEW LOGO OF THE TOURIST BOARD OF THE CITY OF ZADARlast_img

Foreign agents for health tourism in Naftalan

first_imgRepresentatives of foreign tour operators and health tourism agencies from seven countries visited the Naftalan Special Hospital in Ivanić Grad, where they expressed great interest in the naphthalene treatment of patients with psoriasis, SB Naftalan reported.The study trip, during which Naftalan was visited by representatives of tour operators and agencies specializing in health tourism from Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Lithuania, Russia and the Czech Republic, was organized by the Croatian Tourist Board through its business project Buy Croatia. “We are satisfied with the positive reactions of the representatives of foreign tour operators to Naftalan and naftalanotherapy, which makes us unique in the world. All expressed interest in cooperating, and four of them expressed readiness to sign a contract to send psoriasis patients from their countries to Naftalan. Namely, they are interested in putting naphthalene treatment as a counterbalance to the Dead Sea in Israel, where most psoriatics go for climate treatment.”, They said from SB Naftalan.Thanks to naphthalene therapy, the Ivanićgrad hospital is recognized especially in the Scandinavian countries and Russia. Patients from Denmark, Norway and Finland are increasingly coming to Naftalan for psoriasis treatment, and a visit by representatives of Swedish agencies specializing in health tourism is now opening the door for Naftalan to Swedish tourists as well.Russian tourist representatives believe that an increase in the number of patients from that country can be expected, who have been welcome guests of Naftalan for some time. At the same time, representatives of German tour operators are interested in starting cooperation with Naftalan.An association of Naftalan lovers is founded in SloveniaThey consider the Buy Croatia workshop in Naftalan as an excellent opportunity for the hospital to take a further step towards health tourism, because it enabled them to present themselves as a unique destination that helps people with psoriasis and inflammatory rheumatic diseases with the help of natural naphthalene and thermal water.Naftalan’s better positioning in the field of health tourism should be contributed by an investment of 53 million kuna in the construction of a complex of outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a new kitchen, a restaurant, a gym, and a multipurpose gym. Completion of works and opening of the pool complex is expected in the first quarter of 2019. “We are currently in treatment a group of Slovenian guests who are enthusiastic about the construction of the new project and announced the establishment of an association of Naftalan fans in Slovenia. They are especially happy with the new water facilities, because of which they will come to Naftalan with their families in the future”, They point out from Naftalan. Naftalan believes that this investment project should contribute to the development of health tourism in Ivanić Grad and Zagreb County, with a stronger development of catering, private accommodation and the provision of medical tourism services. Naphthalene is, let us remind you, a mineral oil that is obtained by distillation of naphthenic oil and is incorporated into natural healing factors. There are ONLY TWO naphthalene deposits in the world: in the eponymous city of Naftalan in Azerbaijan and this one of ours, close to the Croatian capital.</p>
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