Mega Lotto Max night

Have you got your ticket?Friday night’s Lotto Max draw is a little richer than usual. There’s 100-million dollars up for grabs, and you don’t even have to win the big jackpot — to walk away with a substantial chunk. In fact — as of right now — there should be at least 51 new millionaires in Canada.It’s easy to be tempted — and hard to resist.With a 50 Million dollar jackpot — and 50 millions more up for grabs, just for fun — it’s not a surprise that you mind might tend to wander — and dream, a little bit.Of course, everyone’s dream is a little bit different. Some like boats instead of cars — houses instead of boats — and although you could spend 50 million on either one of those things I suppose, there are all kinds of other things that can pop to mind, without really any kind of effort at all. The problem is — once you get started down that road there’s really no end to it. There’s always something else to buy. Something bigger. Better. More shiny.So maybe I should set my mind on more noble things. Maybe engage in life-long learning, thinking deep thoughts — and earning a really fancy degree.Or maybe, there is a higher purpose. Maybe I could do real good with money like that. Become a phli- — philll — ffffff — good deed do-er.Maybe. All that, or none of it. For one more night at least — it’s back to the grindstone.Sorry about that Nick. Yeah, it’s easy — almost too easy — to get carried away in the fantasy of a big win — and fun to dream a bit. But that kind of money can also be a big challenge if your not prepared for it. So I will pass along some advice from the experts at the OLG. Don’t rush into anything. Get sound financial advice, and think carefully about what you want to achieve with your new found wealth. After all — prudent planning will last a lifetime — but it only takes a second, to make a life-long mistake. read more