Hundred meters honest cultural corridor debut East

In order to fully play the basic role in the construction of clean government culture, to further promote the culture of "six plus four" activities carried out in depth, promote the whole society to form a good social morality, honesty as Rong to greed ashamed ". Recently, the East District Commission for Discipline Inspection carefully designed, in the area of Delingha road to create a clean breeze as the theme of the light box style 100 meters of clean culture propaganda gallery. It is reported that the propaganda and cultural corridor to the construction of a clean government culture as the main line, with the guidelines, the government, the maxim epigrams, stories, the public service advertising as the main content, with 23 pieces of light box multi angle display independent culture, content to profound ideas, rich inspiration, high cultural taste, form to the pictures love education, good effect, so that every party cadres watch can be a honest watch, tight the string of self-discipline. Through the independent cultural propaganda promenade show, increase the permeability of the incorruptible education, to achieve the Yulian, subtle, softly effect, clean government to create a beautiful landscape for the East region to strengthen.  

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