Warriors Three Things: Golden State gets gaudy win in Milwaukee

first_imgWarriors held the Bucks to 39.1 percent shooting and 17.9 percent from three-point range. Milwaukee scored a season-low 95 points, as Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Kevon Looney each took turns guarding Giannis Antetokounmpo.Golden State’s defense has been a renewed … After beating two of the Eastern Conference’s worst teams, the Warriors got one of their biggest road wins of the season, beating the Milwaukee Bucks 105-95.Here are the biggest takeaways from the game:Defenselast_img

Cabinet addresses economy, higher education

first_imgIn a statment by the cabinet summarising its recent meeting, ministers discussed the state of South Africa’s economy and funding for universities. It indicated that dealing with these challenges appropriately can bring great opportunities for the country.STATEMENT ON THE SPECIAL CABINET MEETING OF 13 JANUARY 20161. Economy1.1. Cabinet met to deliberate on the state of the economy and budget related matters. Cabinet noted a number of factors impacting on the economy of the country.The global outlook has deteriorated in recent months. Slower global growth reflects, in particular, weaker performance and higher risks in several important developing countries, including China.The welcomed recovery expected in the USA is likely to result in rising global interest rates. Depressed trade volumes and turbulence in global capital markets underscore the need for nations to build resilience and act cautiously in the period ahead.Cabinet further noted that there were some benefits from the low price of crude oil.  As a major commodity exporter, South Africa is concerned about the continued weakness in commodity prices.Government continues to build on the country’s diverse economic structure, and export earnings continue to depend to a great extent on metals and semi processed raw materials.The fall in commodity prices is unlikely to reverse speedily. This will have sustained consequences for the South African economy and many of our partners on the African continent.The depreciation of the Rand over the last few years offers much better prospects for export growth and, combined with a lower global oil price, has helped to relieve pressure on the current account. However, weaker growth in South Africa’s major trading partners has meant subdued demand for South African products abroad.The global environment is regarded as particularly challenging for emerging markets, with lower commodity prices and tightening of monetary policy in the USA putting pressure on capital flows and growth expectations. This has translated into significant volatility in capital markets.The South African Rand, which is amongst the most traded emerging market currencies, has been particularly hard-hit in recent weeks.In this difficult global context, in which all economies face difficult challenges, Cabinet reaffirmed the need for government to intervene strategically and more decisively to restore the momentum of economic growth.1.2. The National Development Plan provides for these interventions. Government will reach out to social partners, particularly business and organised labour, to build consensus on the collective actions required to stabilise the economy, build confidence, raise the level of investment and return South Africa to a path of inclusive economic growth. The State of the Nation Address on 11 February will take account of this work.1.3. Cabinet endorsed stronger measures to restore a sustainable fiscal path, taking account of the weakened outlook for the global economy and its domestic consequences. Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan will unveil the measures when he presents the national budget on 24 February 2016.2. Higher Education fundingCabinet approved amendments to national budget allocations that would shift resources to fund universities without breaching previously announced spending limits.President Jacob Zuma and Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande recently indicated that these allocations would cover the zero-fee increment agreed for the current academic year, clear accumulated debt owed by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) students and prevent the accumulation of such debt over the medium term.These intervention measures are a response to a number of consultations which started in October 2015 and are still continuing.   The Minister of Higher Education and training  with his management team has held a number of meetings with SASCO leadership, all Student Representative Councils, University South Africa Forum , South African Union of Students, the CEO’s of SETA’s , Higher Education Transformation Network and the Parliamentary committee responsible for higher education.The President also met with the leadership of the students and has announced the setting up of the Commission to look into the issues raised in Higher Education. These engagements are still continuing as we believe as government we do want to work towards finding a lasting solution. The demands of the students are in line with the objectives of the programme of government in respect of education.2.1.1. As an immediate measure, R2.33 billion has been allocated to resolve the shortfall in operational funding for universities as a result of the agreement on a 0% fee increment for 2016.2.1.2. In the 2016/17 financial year, government has reprioritized R2.543 billion of State funding to be allocated to NSFAS to provide loans to assist 71 753 identified students who qualified for NSFAS funding but were either partially or not funded at all over the past three academic years. This means that these deserving students will not be prevented from continuing with their studies for owing universities outstanding fees.2.1.3. A further R2.039 billion will be allocated to NSFAS in the 2016/17 financial year to support unfunded or under-funded students still in the university system in 2016 to complete their qualifications.These funds are additional to the R10 billion that NSFAS will administer in the 2016 academic year.Government is committed to providing post-school education for all academically deserving students that is free at the point of delivery for the poor and the working class, within fiscally sustainable limits. Cabinet calls on students, workers, academics and university administrators to work together with government to achieve this goal. Actions that disrupt learning or create unreasonable and practically unachievable expectations are counterproductive. Violence and intimidation are not acceptable.2.2. Cabinet calls on all South Africans to recognize that there are challenging circumstances in the period ahead. Global economic conditions have weakened. The impact of lower commodity prices is already being felt in South Africa. Domestic constraints such as insufficient electricity supply are still with us. The severe drought is causing hardships in several provinces.Cabinet is confident that South Africans remain as a resilient nation that knows the value of working together in peace and harmony. The recent exposure of individuals with racist’s beliefs has strengthen our collective commitment to build a nonracial, nonsexist and prosperous society.3. AppointmentsCabinet approved the following appointments:3.1. Mr Shonisani Mathews Munzhedzi as Deputy Director-General (DDG): Biodiversity and Conservation in the Department of Environmental Affairs.3.2. Ms Siphokazi Ndudane as DDG: Fisheries Management in the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.last_img read more

Breakthroughs in management can build business and employee success

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Matt ReeseWhether it is with an individual, a farm or an agribusiness, breakthroughs (some large and some small) are helpful along the path to long-term success.Breakthroughs were the focus at the 2019 Kalmbach Feeds Agribusiness Conference. At the event, president Paul Kalmbach defined a breakthrough as an intentional life-changing accomplishment that is larger than an incremental improvement.“We have been very fortunate to have had a lot of breakthroughs,” Kalmbach said. “And one of the great things about breakthroughs is that while they don’t often keep on giving, they do often program more breakthroughs. It really is an important concept.”He then shared his equation for a breakthrough: Failure + Vision + Understanding + Creativity = Breakthrough.“Can we think differently? If we can do that, we create more breakthroughs in our businesses and in our lives,” Kalmbach said. “We have to understand where we want to go and what we want to accomplish. That will produce breakthroughs. And more often than not, that type of achievement is the result of a team effort.”In the feed business there have been various product-related breakthroughs for Kalmbach Feeds since their days as a small grind-and-mix feed mill in 1963. The feed, though, is only a piece of the puzzle for success. Without good people, a top-quality product can only go so far.“We are always looking for new team members. Often when I pray before I go to bed at night, I ask the Good Lord to bring us good team members,” Kalmbach said. “We need good team members and have fantastic team members now. I couldn’t choose a better team. I love the folks we get to work with every day.”Getting the human resources of Kalmbach Feeds to today’s level of success took many breakthroughs through the years. Kalmbach shared one of them in his remarks at the Agribusiness Conference. FailureAbout 25 years ago Kalmbach Feeds was facing a real challenge with driver turnover.“It was equal to the national average and that was unacceptable at Kalmbach Feeds,” Kalmbach said. “We had an inefficient process for our drivers. They had to write down everything they did as well as how long it took them to do it and they were paid hourly.”The high turnover and inefficient process caused significant internal conflict within the management team. One set of problems built upon another.“We had lots of internal conflict. It was terrible,” Kalmbach said. “We were concerned about how all of this could affect customer service.” Vision, understanding and creativityOne initial thought was to simply give the drivers a raise, but that would not seem to address the root causes of the problem.“We had to solve this in a new — in a different — way to significantly reduce turnover, decrease internal conflict, and program success with customer service,” Kalmbach said. “So we had the vision, now we needed the understanding. We talked to our drivers, we talked to our managers, we talked to transportation companies, and we talked to friends. Some transportation companies were paying drivers per mile. That wouldn’t work for us because our drivers do so much more than just drive. We took that idea and said, ‘You know, why don’t we pay our drivers for everything they do?’ So we decided to try to pay our drivers for driving a mile, we pay our drivers for loading a ton of feed, we pay our drivers for unloading a ton of feed, we pay our drivers for loading a bag, for unloading a bag, we pay them depending on the equipment they drive, and we even decided to pay our drivers for time they weren’t working in the middle of the day if it was beyond their control.” BreakthroughThe Kalmbach Feeds management team presented the plan to their drivers, unsure of how they would react.“Our four best senior drivers refused to go on the new plan. We compromised and said that they could stay hourly and did not have to go on the new plan. Fortunately the rest of the drivers went on the new plan,” Kalmbach said. “We have a saying in our shop that results matter. What were the results? Two years later we had significantly reduced the driver turnover problem. Our drivers were more efficient because we paid them for what they did. We eliminated the internal conflict, and we programmed more success with our customer service. Those four senior drivers had missed out on pay because they didn’t go on the new plan because they were very efficient drivers. They realized this and quickly chose to go on the new plan.”The program continues to work today amid challenging times for hiring and keeping good drivers.“That was a great breakthrough for us, and it keeps on giving. In the United States in 2019 we right now are in the midst of the worst driver shortage in history and this breakthrough has kept on giving,” Kalmbach said. “Our driver turnover is very low.”This year’s conference theme was part of a series of topics focused on development for Kalmbach Feeds customers and team members over the last several years.“We started this journey in 2016 with a theme of Vision 2020,” Kalmbach said. “In 2017 the theme was the Leadership Edge. In 2018 the theme was Persistence, because that is the key to success in business. In 2019, if we follow that progression we want to break through our barriers to help us thrive in our business and not just survive. And we are going to celebrate the wins in 2020 because that is important.”The conference has proven to be a great outreach tool for customers but also helps build a positive and cohesive culture in the company.“It has been a fun journey. We had a vision for what the conference could be, and it has gotten better every year,” said Jeff Neal, vice president of sales and marketing for Kalmbach Feeds. “The main focus of the conference is overall improvement and overall development. We are always looking for great talent. It is hard to win the Super Bowl if you do not have great talent. This is a great place to work. It is a great family business. We have had 56 years of success.”Such success has required more than a few breakthroughs along the way. This is the second of a series of five stories in cooperation with the Ohio AgriBusiness Association highlighting human resource management solutions in Ohio agribusinesses.last_img read more

8 Killer Filmmaking Cameras Under $2000

first_imgCan’t wait for NAB? Need a camera now that will get the job done without breaking the bank? Check out these eight cameras under $2000.NAB is approaching and that means we’re going to be seeing all manner of new camera gear popping up between now and April. But what if you need to replace a camera now and can’t wait for NAB? This article will help.Expensive cameras aren’t always the answer. Current NLEs like Avid Media Composer, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are robust and filled with post-production options that let you do more with less. These cameras are available now and will get the job done — without breaking the bank.1. Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera: $995 3. Nikon D750: $1999 2. Canon 7D Mark II: $1500 5. Blackmagic Cinema Camera: $1995 Pros: Compact Form Factor, Ease of Use, High-Quality ImageCons: Poor in Low Light, Form Factor Doesn’t Feel SolidThe versatile Panasonic GH4 is often used for timelapse photography, as it captures amazing imagery in UHD 4K. This camera also boasts a Micro Four Thirds mount, an upgraded LCD monitor, a viewfinder, and built-in Wi-Fi. It’s also compact and lightweight, making it a great option as a second camera for quick b-roll or cutaways. It still performs poorly in low light, but its pros outweigh the cons.Panasonic GH4 Test FootageVideo via Alberto Tarrero Pros: Solid Image Quality, High ISO, Large LCDCons: Noisy Image at High ISO, Short Battery LifeNikon’s D750 is another great entry-level DSLR camera. It comes with a CMOS sensor that records HD 1080 at as high as 60 fps, while being able to expand its ISO up to 51200. With capabilities like this, the D750 can produce a quality image, which can be viewed through a large LCD monitor. Its only real negatives: weak battery life and a noisy image when using a higher ISO.Nikon D750 Test FootageVideo via Dean 4. Sony A7R: $1898 Pros: Flip Out LCD Screen, High ISO capabilities, Large Lens SelectionCons: H.264 Recording Only (without hack)The 7D Mark II from Canon presents users with a more-than-capable camera for HD video. It’s capable of capturing images at up to 60 fps just like the 5D Mark III, but doesn’t quite match the low-light abilities of the 5D. So, if the Canon 5D Mark III is just out of your budget, the 7D Mark II could be the way to go.Canon 7D Mark II Test FootageVideo via Gizmodo 6. Panasonic GH4: $1299center_img Pros: Good Image Quality, Compact Form Factor, Solid in Low LightCons: Short Battery Life, Some Reported Issues with Shutter, Complicated Menu SystemThen the Sony a7R is a very capable and affordable camera. The a7R’s image quality is impressive and has been a favorite for independent videographers wanting to capture timelapse and slow motion on a budget. The a7R is incredibly compact, easy to use, and really great in low-light.Sony A7R Test FootageVideo via Khaled Gamal 8. Canon XC10: $1999  Pros: 2.5K and 4K Sensor Available, Captures ProRes, Captures Flat ImageCons: Bulky Form Factor, Poor in Low Light, Monitor Almost Unusable, Not Capable of HFR, Poor Power LifeThe Blackmagic Cinema Camera is incredibly robust — and pretty bulky. The Cinema Camera comes in two forms, 2.5K and 4K, both of which can capture CinemaDNG or ProRes. Its image quality is incredibly sharp and flat, which makes it perfect for color grading. There is one glaring issue with the camera: the lack of any kind of high frame rate capability.Blackmagic Cinema Camera Test FootageVideo via Philip Bloom 7. Nikon D800: $1899 Pros: Solid Form Factor, High ISO Range, Full-Frame SensorCons: LCD Prone to Glare, Nikon F Mount, HFR Only in 720Nikons have always been known as great cameras for still images — but over the last several years, Nikons are being used more and more by indie filmmakers and videographers. The D800, while a little older than some of the cameras on this list, still performs great. It boasts a CMOS sensor, Full HD 1080, and an expanded ISO range up to 25,600. Also, like other Nikon and Canon DSLRs, it runs both SD and CF cards.Nikon D800E Test FootageVideo via Macgregor Pros: Super 16 Sensor, Captures RAW or ProRes, Up to 60 fpsCons: No LCD Screen, No Built-In WiFi, Internal BatteryBack at NAB 2015, Blackmagic Design wowed the industry with the news of Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera. This camera has proven to be a solid entry into the micro-camera market. Its small design makes it a perfect fit for aerial drone footage or for mounting on a car. The Micro Cinema Camera has a Super 16 Sensor and captures CinemaDNG RAW or ProPres up to 60 fps, which is a major plus for the camera. However, it has no LCD screen, no built-in wifi, and the battery is internal.Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Test FootageVideo via Nicholas Swartzendruber Pros: Compact Form Factor, Capture UHD 4K, 60fps HD 1080Cons: Ease of Use, LCD Adjustments, Awkward Form FactorCanon’s XC10 Professional Camcorder is a compact UHD 4K powerhouse of a camera. Built specifically with handheld and aerial filmmaking in mind, the XC10 is a lightweight camera that can easily be used on a steadicam, 3-axis gimbal, or drone to capture 4K footage. If you need higher frame rate footage, the XC10 has you covered with its ability to capture 60 fps in HD 1080. Just be aware — this camera feels nothing like a 5D Mark III and will take some getting used to. Also, its LCD monitor and exterior buttons are limited.Canon XC10 Test FootageVideo via Alf PryorAre you a filmmaker on a tight budget? Check out a few of the following posts:Budget Buys: Light Wands for Video Production3 Low-light Cameras For Every Budget RangeHow to Capture High Quality Audio for Low Budget FilmsKnow of any other great cameras under $2000? Have you used any of the cameras on the above list? What was your experience like? Share your thoughts in the comments below!last_img read more

David Gilmour To Perform During StarStudded Teenage Cancer Trust Gigs

first_imgTeenage Cancer Trust has announced a stellar lineup for its annual series of Royal Albert Hall gigs.Teenage Cancer Trust At The Royal Albert Hall 2016Kicking off the shows will be a night of comedy from John Bishop and special guests on April 19.This will be followed by music from The Vaccines and Everything Everything on April 20.Simply Red and special guests will hit the stage on April 21, while Bring Me The Horizon will be joined by special guests on April 22.The final two nights will see massive shows by New Order on April 23 and David Gilmour on April 24.This year’s shows are generously supported by associate sponsors Domino’s Pizza Group, Sky Betting and Gaming, Tangle Teezer and American Airlines. Further incredible support is provided by media partners Absolute Radio, Metro, and NME.Tickets go on sale on February 19. Find out more here.last_img

Falcons Rise Up to 60 Start Only Unbeaten Team

Falcons owner Arthur Blank high-fives cornerback Asante Samuel on the way to franchise best 6-0 start.The Atlanta Falcons have risen up to a franchise best 6-0 start after Sunday’s 23-20 victory over the Oakland Raiders, leaving them as the only undefeated team in the NFL.Quarterback Matt Ryan has been the key to this power surge by the Falcons.  Over the first six weeks Ryan has thrown for 1,756 yards, 14 touchdowns with six interceptions.Not only has the offense been stellar, which was expected with so many weapons, but the defense has made big plays to keep the team undefeated. Cornerback Asante Samuel came up with a huge interception late in the fourth quarter and returned it for a touchdown. And defensive lineman John Abraham forced a fumble on a sack of Carson Palmer and provided pressure much of the day.Even though the Falcons’ record is flawless, head coach Mike Smith knows this is no time to get complacent.“They’ll watch the tape and they’ll realize that we’ve got a lot of work to do,” Smith said. “I can assure you that. They don’t need to have myself or any of the coaches in there watching it. They’re off during the bye week, but they will be in there watching tape. That’s the way we do things. That’s a great locker room and they realize that we haven’t played the best football that we’re capable of playing.”Indeed, they have needed late fourth quarter drives to beat the Panthers, Redskins and Raiders. But the fact is, Ryan accomplished the goal.“We need to strive to play our best,” Ryan said. “I don’t think we’ve done that the last couple weeks. It’s going to be critical for us to use this week to find ways to improve.”“I think we can improve so much,” cornerback Dunta Robinson said. “We’re not where we want to be as a defense. We want to be perfect.”The bye week allows linebacker Stephen Nicholas to get healthy after aggravating an ankle injury. The Falcons may also get back defensive tackle Corey Peters, who has been on the physically unable to perform list.  That will help a defense that allowed 149 rushing yards on Sunday.With the Falcons being the only undefeated team left in the NFL they know the challenges will be significant.“The thing now is we know we’re going to get everyone’s best shot,” Robinson said. “We’ve got to take our game to another level.”After the off week, the Falcons go to Philadelphia to take on old friend Michael Vick and the Eagles. read more