Family First slams free contraceptive idea

first_imgRadio NZ News 1 July 2015Otago University researchers want contraception to be freely available to teenagers before they become sexually active.The health lecturers said it should be up to the girls to opt out if they did not want the birth control.However, Family First’s national director Bob McCoskrie said free contraception was not the answer because it would lead to early sexual activity, which was not healthy.“We do know that early sexual activity can be associated with emotional and mental issues (and) academic performance and can give them a false sense of security.“So that’s why I think teenage girls deserve to get all the facts and also parents and families should be involved in that process.”Mr McCroskrie said while long-acting reversible contraception dealt with unwanted pregnancy, it did not prevent sexually transmitted infections.He said making it free and more accessible would continue to alienate parents from the role they should have.“What we should be asking is, ‘why are young teenagers becoming sexually active, what messages are teens receiving about sexual involvement, and what messages do parents actually want their children to receive?’ ” read more

Italy proposes asylum centers in African countries

first_imgItaly proposes African migrant centres to halt immigrant tide Related East African Countries form a Defense Pact The EU is considering whether to set up reception centers in African countries to process asylum applications to the EU. A proposal submitted by Italian officials, has some support from EU countries but has come under fire from the African Union, which has accused the EU of “shedding responsibility”. Our Europe correspondent Sandra Gathmann reports from Brussels African Development Bank working on empowering African countries’ natural resource sectorslast_img

Mozambique opposition warns of instability

first_imgMozambique opposition eyes peace deal by November Mozambique opposition boycotts peace talks Mozambique gets a make overcenter_img Mozambique’s main opposition party has warned of a growing risk of instability in the energy-rich nation after parliament rejected a bill that would have given it autonomous powers in regions where it has strong support.Renamo, which lost fractious national elections in October, put a bill before parliament last week that would have given it rights to elect its own governors in six oil, gas and coal rich districts where it scored a majority at the polls.However, the ruling Frelimo party voted against the measure, while the small opposition Mozambique Democratic Movement abstained, consigning Renamo to a resounding defeat.“One thing is certain, the country is sitting on a barrel of gunpowder,” Renamo parliamentarian José Manteigas told Reuters on Wednesday, urging President Filipe Nyusi, who is a member of Frelimo, to intervene and revive the legislation.Frelimo, a former Marxist liberation movement, fought a 16-year civil war against Renamo and there have been concerns that Mozambique could slip back into conflict after Renamo withdrew from the 1992 peace deal that ended the fighting.In power since Mozambique won independence from Portugal in 1975, Frelimo dismissed suggestions that rejection of the bill would ignite violence.“We don’t believe that Renamo would go against the will and desire of the Mozambican population, which is not a return to war, but peace and stability,” Frelimo lawmaker Damião José told Reuters.President Nyusi agreed to debate decentralisation after Renamo parliamentarians had refused to take up their seats following the 2014 election, but signs of cracks in the fragile detente between the two main parties have begun to surface.Manteigas said Renamo preferred a peaceful resolution to the problem, but warned darkly of “armed men in the bushes” if there was no change of heart.Relatedlast_img read more

Leading scientists call for ban on ‘killer robots’

first_imgKiller RobotsA group of top tech leaders, including British scientist Stephen Hawking and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, on Tuesday issued a stern warning against the development of so-called killer robots.Autonomous weapons, which use artificial intelligence to select targets without human intervention, have been described as “the third revolution in warfare, after gunpowder and nuclear arms,” wrote around 1,000 technology chiefs in an open letter.“The key question for humanity today is whether to start a global AI (artificial intelligence) arms race or to prevent it from starting,” they wrote. “If any major military power pushes ahead with AI weapon development, a global arms race is virtually inevitable,” the letter continued.The idea of an automated killing machine — made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Terminator” — is moving swiftly from science fiction to reality, according to the scientists. “The deployment of such systems is — practically if not legally — feasibleThe idea of an automated killing machine — made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Terminator” — is moving swiftly from science fiction to reality, according to the scientists.“The deployment of such systems is — practically if not legally — feasible within years, not decades,” the letter said.The scientists painted the Doomsday scenario of autonomous weapons falling into the hands of terrorists, dictators or warlords hoping to carry out ethnic cleansing.“There are many ways in which AI can make battlefields safer for humans, especially civilians, without creating new tools for killing people,” the letter concluded.The letter was presented at the opening of the 2015 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Buenos Aires.Elon Musk, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal and head of SpaceX, a private space-travel technology venture, also urged the public to sign up to the campaign. “If you’re against a military AI arms race, please sign this open letter,” tweeted the tech boss.last_img read more

Egypt’s Sisi calls for Nato help in troubled Libya

first_imgEgyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has called for help from Nato powers to help rebuild Libya, having been plagued by violence since an uprising backed by the western military alliance, that ousted long serving leader Muammar Gaddafi.Sisi’s plea comes ahead of his visit to London, where he is expected to discuss security co-operation with the Prime Minister David Cameron.“Libya is a danger that threatens all of us. If there is no government then this only creates a vacuum where extremists can prosper,” Sisi said, according to the Telegraph.Libya has been riddled by violence since the ouster and killing of Gaddafi in October 2011.Chronic insecurity has been the norm, with armed groups battling to control the country’s energy resources, and two separate governments vying to take charge of the country.The country has also become a key launching point for people smugglers feeding Europe’s migrant crisis by sending numerous boats loaded with people across the Mediterranean.This will be President Sisi’s first visit to the United Kingdom since he took over power in 2013 after the ouster of Mohammed Morsi.last_img read more

Ebola outbreak risk to US ‘very low’

first_img Tweet Share 45 Views   no discussions HealthInternationalLifestylePrint Ebola outbreak risk to US ‘very low’ by: – August 5, 2014 Sharecenter_img Share Sharing is caring! US National Security Advisor Susan Rice has said the risk of Ebola transmission in the US is “very low”, as a second American arrives for treatment.One US aid worker is being cared for in Atlanta while his colleague, also infected, is on her way from Liberia to the same specialist hospital.Another man, in New York, is being tested after travelling to the region.Since February, 887 people have died in four West African countries. The World Bank has given $200m (£120m) to help.The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the US has received at least 100 calls from people questioning why the sick aid workers should be allowed into the country.But Ms Rice told NBC the risk to Americans was deemed “very low” by the CDC.“We have in this country the protocols to isolate and manage any patient who may present with those symptoms of the disease.”A second American infected with the virus in Liberia is expected to arrive in Atlanta for treatment on Tuesday morning.Nancy Writebol is said to be improving after receiving two doses of a experimental treatment not previously tested on humans.Nancy Writebol in Liberia – October 2013Nancy Writebol is on her way to a special isolation ward at Atlanta’s Emory University HospitalHer colleague, Dr Kent Brantly, who also received the experimental treatment, arrived at Emory University Hospital on Saturday and was able to walk into hospital, where he is being held in isolation.Known as ZMapp, the treatment boosts the immune system’s ability to fight off Ebola through antibodies made by lab animals exposed to elements of the virus.It had shown promise in monkeys, CNN reports, but had never before been tested on humans.It is unclear if the Americans’ improvements are related to the drug. Dr Brantly was reportedly also given a blood transfusion from a boy who recovered from Ebola while in his care.In a statement, the company said very little of the drug is available and they were “co-operating with appropriate government agencies to increase production as quickly as possible”.The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must grant permission to use such treatments on humans in the US, but the agency does not have authority over its use outside the country.An FDA spokeswoman could not confirm or deny FDA granting access to any experimental therapy for the aid workers inside the US, the Associated Press reports.The two aid workers were serving with aid groups helping fight the Ebola outbreak in Liberia.There is no cure or vaccine for Ebola, but patients have a better chance of survival if they receive early treatment.The current outbreak is killing between 50% and 60% of people infected. Initial flu-like symptoms can lead to external haemorrhaging from areas like eyes and gums, and internal bleeding which can lead to organ failure.BBC Newslast_img read more

Sexual abuse remains highest form of abuse against Dominican children

first_img Tweet Sharing is caring! Photo credit: child.abuse.comThe Welfare Division is reporting that sexual abuse in Dominica remains the highest form of abuse against children on the island.Sixty one cases have been reported from January to May of this year. Twenty eight cases were reported in February alone. So far, eleven of the sexual abuse cases reported is incest.Coordinator of the Child Abuse Prevention Unit Gemma Azille said while more people are reporting the abuse, its prevalence is worrying.“It is a problem. We cannot do this one our own. We cannot say that we will just break the cycle of child abuse. We see it as an issue where everyone must come together. Parents, teachers…everyone who comes in contact with children,” she said.She said latest reports indicate that most persons know their perpetrators.But she said many cases are hidden.“Cases do come to us but when it has to go forward they hold back and are no longer interested in pursuing the case,” she said.Dominica Vibes News LocalNews Sexual abuse remains highest form of abuse against Dominican children by: – June 15, 2011 Sharecenter_img 29 Views   no discussions Share Sharelast_img read more

Two large Caribbean wind farm projects move forward

first_img Share Sharing is caring! Share Share Tweetcenter_img NewsRegional Two large Caribbean wind farm projects move forward by: – October 14, 2011 30 Views   no discussions Image via: greenantilles.comSANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – In separate announcements, two wind farm projects – one in the Dominican Republic and the other in Puerto Rico, and each described as “the largest in the Caribbean” – appear to be moving forward.On Thursday, VICINI, a leading asset management firm in the Dominican Republic and throughout the Caribbean, celebrated the inauguration of Los Cocos, a wind farm projected to be the largest in the Caribbean with a generation capacity of 100 Megawatts. Thursday marked the completion of the first phase of the project, including 19 windmills that account for approximately 3 percent of the Dominican Republic’s power capacity and provides electricity to more than 90,000 families on the island.Over the next couple of years, the wind farm will total in 33 windmills of 125 meters high, each generating 1.8 Megawatts. The project, which is being jointly developed and operated by EGE Haina and the Energetic Consortium of Punta Cana, will generate over 10 percent of the country’s power capacity upon completion. “We are particularly proud of this investment, which marks the first of its kind in the Dominican Republic,” said Rafael Velez, VICINI’s energy and industry fund manager. “Alternative and traditional energy resources are critical to the future economic growth of the Caribbean, and VICINI is in a unique position to spearhead this growth by promoting the modernization of the energy sector and investing in alternative energies.”As the largest investor in the project, VICINI ensures that the project is being developed in conjunction with local communities and with the goal of spurring economic growth and development throughout the region.“We are making a long term commitment to renewable energy and we do not intend to stop with Los Cocos,” added Rafael Velez. “This type of investment is not only beneficial to the country, but most importantly, it makes good business sense. This is why we are exploring other opportunities in the Caribbean and in Central America to bolster our energy investments.”Meanwhile, Pattern Energy Group LP (Pattern) also announced on Thursday that financing has been completed for Finca de Viento Santa Isabel, the first commercial wind energy project in Puerto Rico. The 75 megawatt (MW) wind project, located in the southern municipality of Santa Isabel, seeks to provide clean, safe and renewable energy equal to the annual power needs of approximately 25,000 homes.The construction financing has been provided by Siemens Financial Services and the project is expected to begin construction in October and be completed in September 2012.“With this project, Pattern enters into a partnership with Puerto Rico to pioneer its much-needed energy diversification and lead the way to cleaner and more efficient energy sources,” said Mike Garland, CEO of Pattern. “The provision of financing demonstrates the confidence that investors have placed in both Pattern’s proven ability to successfully see projects through to completion and in Puerto Rico as a viable market for the development of renewable energy in the long term.”Puerto Rico’s Governor, Luis Fortuno, welcomed Pattern’s announcement alongside company executives in San Juan, Puerto Rico.“A year ago we set forth a comprehensive energy reform that created the necessary conditions for clean, renewable energy projects to flourish in Puerto Rico,” said Fortuno. “Finca de Viento Santa Isabel is very much a result of that reform and we thank Pattern for sharing our commitment to diversifying our energy sources and for helping us position the island at the forefront of renewable energy development in the Caribbean region.”Once operational, Finca de Viento Santa Isabel will produce clean, renewable energy in harmony with the agricultural production for which the municipality of Santa Isabel is known, while also creating much needed new jobs.“Finca de Viento Santa Isabel brings many benefits to the region, including jobs, tax revenue, and homegrown clean energy, all in a way that coexists with the fertile agricultural lands of Santa Isabel and preserves them indefinitely,” added Garland.Pattern will leverage the experience of its seasoned management team and the expertise garnered from developing wind energy projects across North America to build a state-of-the-art facility in Santa Isabel. New Siemens SWT-2.3-108 turbines will be erected over the next 11 months, creating approximately 150 jobs during construction and 8-10 jobs during operation.“We have felt welcomed by the people of Santa Isabel and look forward to working closely with them throughout the lifespan of Finca de Viento Santa Isabel. We have great respect for the citizens and the environment of this beautiful island,” said Garland. Pattern has entered into a 20-year power purchase and operating agreement with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority for all of the wind energy generated from the project.By Caribbean News Now contributorlast_img read more

329 trainees graduate from Skills Training Program in Dominica

first_img 111 Views   no discussions Share Tweet Share LocalNews 329 trainees graduate from Skills Training Program in Dominica by: – December 15, 2011center_img Sharing is caring! Graduates at the 38th Skills Training Programe Graduation ceremony on Wednesday.Three hundred and twenty-nine (329) trainees; two hundred and forty-eight (248) females and eighty-nine (89) males, have graduated from the Youth Development Division’s 39th Skills Training Program graduation ceremony on Wednesday.The Skills Training Program is an initiative of the Youth Development Division where they endeavor to train young people in various technical subject areas including Computer Literacy, Computer Maintenance, Hospitality Arts, Bartending/Waiting, Auto Mechanic, Barbering and Electrical Wiring.At Wednesday’s graduation ceremony, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Mrs Justina Charles noted that training is an expensive venture while urging the graduates not to allow the investment which the government has made go to waste.Hon. Justina Charles : “training is an expensive undertaking”“Training is an expensive undertaking and for this training cycle government has invested from September 2010 to August 2011 a total of $265, 025. 54. This money was used to cover the expense for our instructors’ salaries, training materials and tools and trainees stipend. This is an investment in not only one aspect of youth development and I strongly urge you the graduates; please do not allow that investment to go to waste.”The Minister also commended the efforts of the graduates who together contributed over $60, 000.00 to the program.“I am also aware that some of you have contributed to the sustainability of the Computer Literacy Module from your financial contribution of $62, 233.20. This amount represents the contribution by those who were able while many others were exempted from making this contribution for one reason or another.”Hon. Norris Prevost: “you are really responsible for your development”“Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau North Constituency Norris Prevost congratulated and encouraged the graduates to become entrepreneurs and become involved in the cooperative movement bearing in mind that the year 2012 has been declared International Year of the Cooperatives by the United Nations.“The cooperative values for example emphasize self help which is really looking at what you have as a group not just as one person and looking to see how you can use what you have to produce for you to create employment for yourselves. Other principles of the cooperatives refer to self-responsibility and this has to be emphasized; you are really responsible for your development. You have taken the step to come forward, begin your training and you have demonstrated that you have taken your responsibility. You need to continue to build on this self-responsibility and one of the ways is to look to see whether some of us who are graduating form ourselves into a cooperative.”Mr Prevost further highlighted some ethical values; honesty, member education, openness and transparency, which he says can assist the graduates as they develop.Meantime two of the graduates; Shara Walsh and Garreth Greenaway gave their impression of the Skills Training Program, indicating their gratitude to the Youth Division and instructors for such a wonderful program which contributes to transforming the lives of young people on the island.Graduates from the Dominica State’s Prison Automechanics and Barbering Courses receiving their certificates from Hon. Justina CharlesIn related news, thirteen (13) of the graduates are currently inmates at the Dominica State Prison and were allowed to attend the ceremony to accept their certificates.Two of the courses; Auto Mechanic and Barbering, were lectured at the prison by Mr Lennox Winston and Mr Eustache Robinson respectively during the period May 16th, 2011 to August 26th, 2011.Dominica Vibes News Sharelast_img read more

7 sachets of ‘shabu’ seized

first_imgThe suspects were detained in thelockup facility of Police Station 4, facing charges for violation of RepublicAct 9165, or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002./PN Jason Sendon and Henry Parreno yieldedthe suspected illegal drugs on Friday, a police report showed. BACOLOD City – Seven sachets ofsuspected shabu valued at around P30,000 were seized in a sting operation inBarangay 27.center_img Aside from suspected shabu, a P500marked money, P500 cash and drug paraphernalia were also recovered from them,the report added.last_img